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The taxman cometh

Posted at 17:27 on 24 Jan 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: bath brush, dominance and submission, kink, other pictures, Real life punishment

I left my accounts far too late this year. They've been on my to do list for a while, but then it was Christmas and New Year and I've been away a lot in January, and suddenly my accountant was emailling me on Friday gently prompting me that she needed them by Monday if she was going to make the deadline.

I love having an accountant. It means I don't have to fret about whether I've claimed something I shouldn't have as expenses, or got something wrong. My tax return becomes someone else's responsibility, and it's worth every penny.

Of course, getting the info to my accountant in time still is my responsibility. Luckily, even then I have an option of making it someone else's problem.

I gave it to Tom.

Not in a "here, you do it!" way, obviously. No, I spoke to him on Thursday night and confessed that I needed to get all the work done on Friday and that my motivation level was low. Could he maybe provide some sort of incentive?

But of course. First, he said, I had to be up and at my desk by 9am, awake and showered and ready to work. He'd call at five past and check in on me; I would be due twelve cane strokes, in the first instance, if I didn't manage that.

And what do you know? I did. I then spent all morning sorting out my paperwork, and was nearly ready to start typing everything up when he checked in on me in the afternoon. By the time I stopped at midnight I'd done all the sums and just needed to compile my receipts, and I spoke to him before I went to bed. I finished them today, and would almost certainly would have spent the last two days procrastinating if I hadn't had my Dom taking an interest. I don't think I disappointed him.

He stopped in on his way to work last night to give me a hug and see how I was getting on. While he was here I remembered something.

"Close your eyes," I grinned, "and hold out your hands." (Somehow this saying has much less force when said by a sub to her Dom, but I grew up with it.)

This is what I put in his hands:

I picked it up from the pharmacy the other day. It's smaller and lighter than most of the bathbrushes I've seen, but there's a heck of a lot of sting there. As I quickly learned. Well, he wasn't going to pass up an opportunity like that, was he? It stings a LOT, particularly when used fast. I wasn't even pink afterwards, which was hard to believe given how much I'd yelped and wriggled around.

But the afterglow was just the same when I sat back down at my desk. It hadn't been a punishment. More a welcome distraction. And a reconnection, grounding me in my body, refreshing my state of mind and giving me a renewed energy to tackle the boring spreadsheets.

Tom left me with the promise that he'd call on me again on his way to work the next morning, and if I didn't get up promptly, he'd use the bathbrush again.

Needless to say, I was at my desk on time this morning. And my accounts are now done! I knew that brush was a good investment. :)


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