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unexpected bruising, and a long-awaited holiday

Posted at 20:32 on 6 Oct 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: admin, dominance and submission, Photos, Thomas Cameron, Zoe Montana

I had a new experience last week. You probably all know that I realised some time ago that professional one-to-one spanking sessions aren't for me. It's for the same reason that I don't let amateur photographers spank me themselves: I don't like being hired by the person who's topping me. There are loads of reasons for this, but at heart I think it's just an instinctive thing. I'll respect the decision of anyone else who's happy to do it - it's an amazing service to provide. But I'm not the right woman for the job.

Well, for a while now my friend Zoe Montana, who is a very popular spankee in the world of private sessions as well as the world of film, has been talking to me about the possibility of teaming up to do a joint session where I submit to her alongside a submissive client. Since she first mentioned the idea a couple of years ago, I've been willing to give it a go: it doesn't cross my ideosyncratic personal boundary. I trust Zoe as a friend and as a very talented switch, and I know I'll be safe in her hands. She's a wonderful, warm-hearted person and I also trust her to put together a fantastic roleplay and create a lot of energy, even if I'm playing alongside someone I've never met before. And I'd get the buzz of performing in front of someone new (in the sense that partly they'd be there to watch me get it) at the same time as exploring the tempting intimacy of helping give someone an amazing, personal play experience. That part of things has always appealed to me, whatever my boundaries.

It was a good session. Ms Montana put together a brilliant scenario, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind my reposting this snippet of her original invitation:

"I already have proof of Pandora Blake's involvement, now I want her accomplice to do the right thing and step forward with your confession. Pandora will be meeting me at my office in central London to be disciplined for the part she played in the recent shocking events that have taken place in this school. We know that there was also a male involved in the incident and we strongly recommend that you own up and also meet with me in my London office to receive your punishment alongside Miss Blake. It seems only fair for the two of you to be punished together, as it was together that you have caused so much chaos and trouble in the school."

It was fun exchanging emails in character before the event, and I enjoyed the roleplay. I am very blessed in having, not one, but two kinky partners in the same town as me, with whom I am free to explore my fantasies. I have nothing but empathy for those whose lives do not permit the same freedoms. It was a wonderful feeling being able to share the intensity of a play experience with someone who was not able to indulge as often as I am, and I was a bit humbled by the realisation of how lucky I am, to be living in this generation and to have had the resources and opportunities I've had.

The only downside to the session was the sudden, dramatic revelation of quite how little I've played since May, due to my levels of exhaustion this summer. I knew I'd had a fallow period, but: some hand spanking, a series of warm-ups with leather implements, and a couple of dozen medium strokes of the cane? I was so warmed up I was buzzing all the way through; despite being out of practice, Zoe's expertise, the delightful chemistry we share, and the voyeuristic thrill of playing with someone new made it very easy to take a decent amount of punishment. So I really didn't expect this:

It's only just healing up a week later. I'm used to being able to judge my own levels a bit better than that. Been a while since I marked that much, that easily.


Tomorrow, Tom and I are taking a much-needed, low-key holiday in the country for a few days. We need it desperately. Before I go, I have a couple of work emails to reply to: including one from Zoe, asking when I'd be free to do another, similar session after I get back. She's only in the country until Christmas, so I'm keen to take advantage of the opportunity to work with her again before she disappears. (I'm also hoping to shoot with her for my still-embryonic site while she's here.)

However, I also know that Tom and I are going to want to take the opportunity to play, after we've caught up on our sleep, and given how little time or energy both of us have had the last couple of months, I don't want us to have to limit ourselves. So I call him to explain the situation, and ask what he suggests.

"Well," he says, considering. "I don't think we're likely to play heavily, but I'm hoping to play with you a lot. Perhaps every day. So I imagine, in the circumstances, there's likely to be some residual bruising when you get back."

"A week?" I offer.

"Maybe two, to be safe."

A delightful shiver runs down my spine. I'm sorry that Zoe and her interested gentlemen will have to be patient. But the anticipation of some long-awaited time for leisurely intimacy with Tom is a wonderful feeling.

I'll be back next week, hopefully with some hot stories to tell (and perhaps with some welts and bruises to show off). If not, at least I'll be better-rested than I've been in a while. See you on the other side :)


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