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chilly girl in snow

Posted at 18:25 on 17 Nov 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Photos

Brrrr, it's got wintry, hasn't it? Even with the famous London microclimate, it's all suddenly got into gloves and scarves territory. Not good when my shoddily-built flat has no central heating and only two inefficient electric heaters, and the downstairs one is right at the bottom of the stairs, halfway up which is an ill-fitting Victorian sash window. You can imagine how well that works. Thankfully, my crap landlord had a brief moment of uncrapness last week, and delivered two beautiful new freestanding oil-filled radiators. I've got one plugged in beside my desk, and have spent the day basically hugging it with my feet. Mmm.

I was particularly glad of the warmth while going through the shots from a snow photoshoot I did in February. Those of you reading back then may remember how unexpectedly difficult I found the experience. I knew I was sensitive to cold, but I'm normally willing to suppress my discomfort for the sake of getting some good shots. But not so this time.

So I'm glad, despite everything, that we got some good shots after all. Credit goes entirely to the photographer, Clive M.

The whole thing is a bit "sad girl in snow", only I don't look sad. Just cold. Still, that's somebody's kink.

Me looking slightly vulnerable and uncomfortable with goosebumps, chapped lips, pale skin and wet hair - I mean come on, who could resist? :p


And if you don't mind me saying so.....nipples to die for


Pandora, submitted to Mother Nature

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