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magic padded pants!

Posted at 16:04 on 2 Nov 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Fantasies, funny

Thanks to a friend this morning for calling my attention to this amazing fashion product:

Edit: The link I originally posted is no longer active, but these pants are still for sale from a variety of online stores. The original text from the website I linked to first is worth preserving, though:


Now you can look sexy by wearing the MAGIC PADDED PANTS! These Push Up Pants gives your bottom a big lift. Foam padding in the pants gives a firm and beautifully rounded bottom.

Try...and feel your buts!

Attention! The Padded Pants have a small fitting.

Of course, if you were trying to get away with wearing a pair under your clothes to lessen the impact of a punishment, you'd have to be careful. You'd probably be caught out during a hand spanking, for example. You might get away with it during a strapping or caning, but only if you were absolutely, 100% certain that you wouldn't have to remove your underwear at any stage during the punishment.

Imagine the consequences of a disciplinarian discovering that they had just administered a punishment over sneakily-padded underwear. Especially if they only found out because the miscreant in question earned themselves extra strokes on the bare by being rude or disobedient during the alloted strokes over underwear...


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