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Pretty Distraction

Posted at 21:44 on 9 Nov 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Northern Spanking, other pictures, Thomas Cameron, Zoe Montana

Things I love about being a spanking model number #20581: browsing porn websites and stumbling across a photoset starring two of my play partners which I didn't even know existed. Yay!

Thomas is making an important business call, but Zoe can't seem to leave him alone, teasing him mercilessly in her deliciously sexy underwear. Having probably lost the contract, as well as his temper, Thomas exacts his revenge on poor Zoe's tender bottom.

It seems that Zoe has not quite grasped the seriousness of what she's caused, so Thomas grasps first his trusty strap and then his cane. Zoe certainly grasps the stinging punishment applied to her bared bottom by the furious Thomas.

But she knows his temper will abate, as will the pain in her bottom ... and now he's off the damned phone, there are much more interesting things to do with the afternoon!

This must have happened at the only NSI shoot Tom and I have gone to together, the same day The Australian Governess was filmed. Tom wasn't very well that day, so we didn't do much together - and now I look back, I seem to remember hearing something about a photoset while I was filming Hide and Seek with Faith Andrews - but I'd forgotten all about it until I saw the photos. Which is kind of lucky, because I generally find it much easier to get turned on by porn if I wasn't present during shooting, and this set is awesome. If you like sexy sort-of-consensual adult D/s and think Tom and Zoe are both really hot. Which I obviously do.

In this set I love Zoe's curves, stockinged feet and white neck ribbon; I love Tom's hands and the muscles in his neck. I love being able to look at familiar bodies in a new light. I love the unusual compositions and the beautiful lighting of the mirror shots. I love their facial expressions and the dynamic energy between the two of them. In fact I love everything about it except the fact that I'd be able to tell Tom was ill even if I hadn't known it, which is a shame. But I know full well that he's perfectly capable of being deliciously scary and authoritative even when he feels rubbish, so that doesn't stop it being hot.

Also, and this is probably kind of pathetic but anyway, Tom and I wear matching commitment rings, and while I'm used to seeing mine in shoots (when I can keep it on) I'm less used to seeing Tom's, and when I first noticed it in these pics I got a little exciting feeling. It's hard to describe, but some of you will know what I mean: that delight in watching your partner play with someone else which is half unselfish pleasure in their pleasure, and half pride that they're yours. Or in this case, that I'm his.


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