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The Captain

Posted at 16:18 on 4 Nov 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: music

Jacqueline Applebee just pointed me at this filthy, kinky, hot-as-hell music video to Biffy Clyro's song 'The Captain':

(I've always liked "my Captain" as a mode of address to a Dom. But then, I'm a little bit obsessed with a model of D/s based on the relationship of an officer to their squire or batman.)

This presses SO many of my buttons. Floggings, fencing, military uniforms, cannon, cages, blood, sweat, tears, tied-up topless men with tattoos and eyeliner. Mmmmm. Now I just need to find a suitable location, and persuade Jimmy Holloway to star in an uncensored, welts-and-all version ...


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