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the unbelievable truth

Posted at 21:41 on 1 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I'm a little late to this one, but it seemed like a fun way to get back into blogging after a bit of a break. I've been away doing a kind of artist residency - crazy intense, very rewarding, but very little internet for over a week. I'm back home now, but there's not been much space in my head or my life for spanking lately, so it'll take me a few days to get back into the swing of blogging.

Anyway, Prefectdt invited me to join in this meme. It's sort of a truth/false game. I write five statements about myself and you have to guess which one is true. Then in a couple of days I tell you all if you guessed right. Got it? Okay!

1. The most outrageous place I've ever been spanked was in a church as a teenager - I was dating a vicar's son at the time.

2. I was once given a timed, rapid punishment spanking consisting of one spank per second for two minutes with a wooden hairbrush.

3. My brother and I played spanking games a couple of times when we were little kids. I always wondered whether he felt the same way about it as I did.

4. The first time I met Tom was on my first ever nude shoot, when I was just turned 19, and the first part of me he saw was my bottom - before we were even introduced.

5. During my degree D. and I had a deal which resulted in me getting spanked either way. If I did my work on time, I got to choose the implement and scene: if I didn't, he did.

Whew, that was harder than I thought! I think I might find a game where you have to post four truths and one lie easier. Anyway, there you are. All of those are based in truth, just to make it nice and difficult for you, but only one of them is actually true. I'm pretty sure I've told various people it, though, so some of you at least should be able to get it! (Boyfriends' answers don't count.)

Here are the other people who have taken part in the game so far:

Spankedhortic (answer here - I guessed right!)
Just My Random Perverted Thoughts
Hermione's Heart (answer here)
On The Way of Exploration
Spanking Pixie

Given how much easier I found it to think of true unbelievable statements than untrue ones, I'm tempted to start an online game of spanko "I have never" ... would any of you other bloggers be interested in playing? ;)

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Strictly Come Spanking

Posted at 23:20 on 2 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

One of the first things I did when I got back home, of course, was download all the latest material from Northern Spanking. This has provided me with:

1. Enough delightful porn to cheer me up at the end of a long day - and rekindle my somewhat-neglected kink;

2. Blog material for at least a week - because of course, I have to review it for you and let you know what I think, don't I?

Now, I don't normally write about films before they've been fully released - when something is published in sequential clips, I'd rather wait and see the whole thing before expressing an opinion. But this evening I'm going to have to make an exception. You see, I have just watched the first two parts of reality TV extravaganza Strictly Come Spanking - a production so stimulating that I couldn't help make over-excited notes as I watched.

So, for your delectation and delight, here is my unedited, real-time live-blogged commentary on Strictly Come Spanking - parts 1 and 2:

- Strictly Come Spanking: ONLY NORTHERN COULD DO THIS

- Hilarious intro sequence! Is that Paul Kennedy I see sporting a rather camp quiff?
- Fantastic intro by Amy Hunter. I sense a presenter career in the making! Bit heavy on the artificial smoke...
- OMG THE JUDGES - LOVE IT! Actually crying with laughter!
- Stephen and Leia. I hadn't realised before how tall Stephen is - he dominates Leia even in heels. Very debonair! Love the ballet poses, and the slightly mincing motions as he starts to spank.

- Actually I think all spankings should take place to cheery big band music, judges watching with pursed lips.
- "We've practiced ... ALL WEEK." Hee!
- Love everything about Tess - the hammy faces, the interrupting, the standing in front of Leia ...
- LOVE the score card paddles!
- OMG BELLA RIGATONI'S ACCENT!!!!! The animosity between her and Aileen Philpotts!
- "SERMOULDERING. YOU EENGLEESH ARLOT." Hang on, is she Italian or German? Or French?
- "HAND MET BOTTOM FLESH LIKE BOTTOM MEETING HOT TOAST." Eileen can't actually keep a straight face. Or - hang on - is that a flirtation I'm sensing between her and Bella?

- Okay, Amelia-Jane and Hwyel. Oooh. Figureskating spanking, without skates! Punctuated by breathy gasps and tossed hair. Slightly uncontrolled, but definitely SERMOULDERING. The flamenco music suits well.
- Like me, Amelia has to go slightly onto her knees to be passionately kissed by her Dom. I can attest that this has its advantages.

- Goodness me, a slight wardrobe malfunction! Was that deliberate?
- Hrm, judge catfight. Is Craig Breakfast-Cereal going to end up with one or both of the female judges over his knee?

- Oh, Amelia is entirely delectable. I don't know how she does it. Mmmmmm.
- Haha, love that Eileen is the first judge to applaud!
- "Panting away, like something just off the Serengeti there, aren't we!" I think Amy was born to play Tess. Ahahaha - she agrees with me about the deliberate wardrobe malfunction!
- Amelia hiding her laughter by pretending to cry. Smooth. In the inset she looks entirely innocent, like someone off a BBC period drama.

- Aileen: "like an eager schoolboy sucking up his first banana milkshake through a straw." WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Impressive ability on the part of all three judges to keep a straight face, though.


- Part 2! Syra Garcia and Paul Kennedy. Ooh, and some rather cheeky jazz. Smiles all round! Nice little bottom wiggle there from Syra. Not sure about the hand-wavy dance moves though.

- Oh, I get it! It's a reference to the golden age of magic shows!
- Or possibly silent films.
- Or ... pinups?
- Aw, missed opportunity there to get the bottom in the spotlight.
- Cute wave from Paul at the end there!
- Tess: "That really ... went, didn't it? Didn't it just ... go, ladies and gentleman?" *snort*
- Aileen: "Like clover honey dripping slowly from a Swedish pine." WHAT.

- I cannot get enough of the way that Tess is compelled to spank herself every time she pronounces "Strictly Come Spanking", however serious the context.
- Ooooh, adverts! The Restrained Elegance one for the Medieval Epic is rather fantastic.
- Irelynn: I have no words. No words. <3
- Michael Stamp in - a HAIR ADVERT! Why does he sound slightly Australian? He suits the white boy fro though...
- Back to the final! How I can stand the suspense??

Parts 3-5 will be released on NSI soon. Lucy McLean informs me that "there's even funnier stuff to come." Can you wait? I know I can't.

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undignified spanking self-portraits

Posted at 14:40 on 4 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

This morning Eliane raised the subject of taking photos of stripes in work toilets. As far as I am concerned, this practice is entirely a good thing if it results in the tantalising glimpse she posted of her rather delicious marks. It is also something of which I have a certain amount of experience.

I have never been able to get the hang of self-bottom-portraits without a mirror. However I position myself, camera angled over shoulder or lying on the bed, the best I can hope for is this:

... And even that with a ridiculously low success rate resulting in dozens of blurry pictures of my bedroom wall. So, mirrors it is. I'm a bit lacking in full-length mirrors at home, and my flat is so tiny that the reflections tend to be dominated by all my stuff rather than my vain self. At one point my mirror was at the top of the stairs, which enabled me to send D. photo messages such as this one:

But since it also carried the risk of the mirror falling down the stairs and killing me, it didn't stay there long.

This reliance on mirrors has obvious consequences on the question of sneaking photos of the results of last nights' play in the work toilets. At my current workplace, the cubicles do not contain mirrors, but there are full-length mirrors by the sinks. I am not above waiting until no-one else is in the loos and recklessly flashing the place to sneak a photo in the mirror. No-one's caught me at it yet...

(Results of my first session with Zoe Montana, hastily snapped in the work loos - the eagle-eyed will detect the sink and taps in the background)

At my previous workplace, the toilets were somewhat more private; each little room containing a single loo, sink, and mirror. You could lock the door and take photos without fear of disturbance. However, the mirrors were not full-length - in order to frame one's striped bottom perfectly for a shot, one was obliged to clamber up on the sideboard, one foot on either side of the sink, and balance precariously while trying to get the camera angle right (an experience familiar from my first glamour shoot - clearly I've gained no dignity since then):

Of course, ideally I'd always wait until I had a willing companion to help photograph my marks, but sometimes when you're sitting uncomfortably in the office, head whirling with the previous days' memories, there's nothing for it but a quick-n-dirty self-portrait. Or is that just me? Spankees, switches, shameless exhibitionists - Have you succumbed to the temptation of sneaking pics in the work loos? If not, what are the most amusing lengths you've ever gone to to snap a memento of your play?

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whipped on the table

Posted at 13:50 on 5 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

This set of Kami on Sound Punishment presses so many of my buttons.

Victorian underwear, pulled aside to reveal only the vulnerably naked bottom cheeks. Polished wood, cool and sensuously smooth under her body, but slippery and making it hard to stay in position. The position - raised humiliatingly high, spreadeagled on an item of furniture at which, perhaps, the girl sat only this morning to eat a nervous breakfast, knowing what awaiting her. Or perhaps this was an impromptu punishment, delivered where the misbehaviour occurred? The rest of the meal would be spent in silence; the girl waiting, staring into her lap as maids rustled around her, clearing the remains of the meal. When, afterwards, she was instructed to remove her outer clothing and position herself for her whipping, would the servants remain to watch?

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unbelievable answers

Posted at 21:40 on 7 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Thanks to everyone who posted answers to my The Unbelievable Truth game. The most popular answers were 1 (spanked in a church) and 3 (spanking games with my brother), followed by 2 (timed hairbrush spanking) and 5 (discipline during my degree). The only option which no-one picked was 4.

Well, it is with a certain amount of smug glee that I announce that the only truthful statement in that list was, in fact, number 4! I guess sometimes the truth really is unbelievable :)

No-one's going to believe me if I don't provide details, though, so here's the breakdown:

1. The most outrageous place I've ever been spanked was in a church as a teenager - I was dating a vicar's son at the time.

False. I've had sex in a church a couple of times, in various different circumstances, but I've never been spanked in one.

2. I was once given a timed, rapid punishment spanking consisting of one spank per second for two minutes with a wooden hairbrush.

False. This scenario has always been a fantasy of mine, but I've never quite dared to fulfil it. Tom has given me timed hairbrush spankings as real punishments in the past, but they were only timed in duration, not in pace. I suspect they averaged rather less than one spank per second.

3. My brother and I played spanking games a couple of times when we were little kids. I always wondered whether he felt the same way about it as I did.

False. The closest my brother and I got to this kind of thing were half-serious playfights or indoor wrestling bouts, which tended to escalate from tickling matches or minor bickering until I was about 12. It was fun to really physically let rip once in a while, and while we had no compunctions about hurting each other, it was in that safe sibling way where you trust them not to go too far. It always felt like a very healthy way of relieving tension, but there was nothing sexual about it.

4. The first time I met Tom was on my first ever nude shoot, when I was just turned 19, and the first part of me he saw was my bottom - before we were even introduced.


Okay, here's the full story:

I was nineteen, and it was the end of the summer after my first year at uni. Since leaving home I'd been trying to pretend I was vanilla (as I think a lot of us did at that age). I'd quit self-harming, a habit that had dogged my teens, and I was convinced that my kinky fantasies were part of the same urge. I was determined to resist them, and for my first year at uni I had a lovely, charming, totally vanilla boyfriend with whom I had frequent, vigorous sex - and tried to ignore the darker fantasies and desires that kept threatening to surface. I'd been a goth/geek/gamer all through my teens, and when I went to uni I was determined to start afresh, re-invent myself as "normal" and learn to fit in. I managed it pretty well, but I wasn't being true to myself, and I wasn't happy.

I spent the next summer living with my parents and working in a crappy temp job. I was depressed and had no remaining friends in my home town. My boyfriend lived at the other end of the country. I started seeking out interesting people online - goths, geeks, roleplayers, actors, artists, cross-dressers - and as I made new friends I began to feel more like myself. It inspired me to get back in touch with an old friend who had moved to London and got involved in the London goth scene.

"Come down for the weekend!" she said. "It'd be good to see you. Be warned, though, there'll be a couple of girls having a naked photoshoot on the Saturday. We can stay out of their way, I just didn't want you to be too freaked out."

A naked photoshoot! All the messy hedonism of my sixth form years rushed back to me. London seemed like another planet. I arranged to visit, feeling freer than I had in months.

The weekend was a whirl of parties and new experiences. My friend, C, lived in a huge goth houseshare where people were always coming and going. The girls doing the photoshoot were lovely, a gorgeous couple who wanted some nice pics of themselves and had invited a photographer friend to help them out. C and I ended up invited to join them. Giggling, we tried on different outfits, played with makeup, drank wine. I'd never posed for a camera before and I had an amazing time. C and I played with some kinky poses; me blindfolded, her hand wrapping around my throat. I was tipsy, giddy, exhilarated by the newness of it all.

As it started to get dark some of her housemates came up to the attic where we were shooting, checked out what was going on and got introduced to us. I was in the walk-in wardrobe with my back to the door when I heard a group of people come upstairs, voices as the others greeted them. I was struggling with a suspender belt - I'd managed to attach the front two clips, but the rear two were defeating me. I yelled to C in the next room - "Can someone come and help me with my suspenders, please?"

Moments later I felt hands taking the clips from me and guiding them into place. "There you go," said a male voice. I looked round, half-turning to see who had helped me. A dark-haired man with amazing blue eyes and a trim goatee beard was kneeling behind me, his face only inches from my scantily-clad bottom. "Hi," he said, "My name's Tom. I live here."

"Um - nice to meet you. And thanks!" I stammered, and introduced myself in return.

It was, as they say, the first day of the rest of my life. Of course it didn't go smoothly from there - I still had the vanilla boyfriend, I was nineteen and very confused about what I wanted - but hey, we seem to have worked it out okay in the end :)

5. During my degree D. and I had a deal which resulted in me getting spanked either way. If I did my work on time, I got to choose the implement and scene: if I didn't, he did.

False. Tom and D. both gave discipline spankings during my degree, and Tom and I had a deal for a while where I told him my weekly targets and he punished me if I failed to meet them, but we didn't keep it up long - real life got in the way. D. and I have made this sort of mutually-beneficial bargain in other circumstances, though!

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a very Victorian birching

Posted at 23:45 on 9 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I've spent most of the last week plotting historical scenes for my shoot with Zille de Feu and her Master on Monday. I am ridiculously excited - about meeting them, working with them, and about the scenes we have planned. It helps that Zille and I appear to have almost exactly the same taste in edgy, unfair Victoriana. I will admit to also being kind of nervous about shooting with two such experienced porn producers and photographers - this is still only the second shoot for my new site (it's been a crazily busy year), and it'll be the first time I've hired other models to film my own material. But so far, the excitement is winning.

Given I've spent the last few days gleefully immersed in period scenarios, it's perhaps not surprising that NSI's latest Victorian offering caught my eye:

The scene is called A Very Victorian Birching, and it's a feast for the eyes. The natural light is absolutely gorgeous, and Zoe Montana looks beautiful. She maintains her poise throughout a long punishment, despite her tight corset and uncomfortable-looking position bound between two trees.

Michael Stamp, looking terribly debonair in a velvet smoking jacket and exuding quiet authority, applies a sequence of horrible-looking implements to her bloomered derrière. The selection includes a bundle of switches, a carpet beater, and twenty strokes of a stiff thick cane.

Based on Zoe's fantasies of being punished as a Victorian maid by a firm but fair master, this scene is incredibly visually appealing. Zoe is very submissive, struggling to be brave as she takes her strokes, despite her guilt and shame at disappointing her master. It's a quiet scene, not much dialogue - the only sounds the cracks and whimpers of the whipping, distant birdsong, and Michael's calm admonishments. But the tension is palpable.

This film was made for me by Zoe's reaction to the ninth cane stroke. The caning comes at the end of a relatively severe punishment, during which she starts to struggle to control her responses. But this one moment took my breath away. The strokes lands - and the camera stays focussed on Zoe's face, watching the emotions flicker across it like clouds. A whimper, a fluttering purse of the lips, a sharp intake of breath ... then she swallows, closes her eyes, and visibly absorbs the sensation. Her shoulders settle and her gaze calms.

When she finally speaks - "Nine, master" - her voice is soft, almost wondering. Unbidden, she adds, "thankyou ... thankyou, master". She hadn't been instructed to count these strokes - her gratitude is genuine. It's an exceptionally real moment.

Watching films that include these genuine submissive reactions makes me want to play more than almost anything else. I crave that place of sudden calm, when your body learns to accept the pain and it becomes transmuted into something else entirely. At that moment the scene changes from being about the pain consuming you, to you consuming the pain. Watching it happen to someone else reminds me why I'm into this in the first place.

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more than I can chew

Posted at 00:37 on 17 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I don't know where to start writing about the shoot on Monday. It was amazing, hot, exciting, successful and satisfying. It was also difficult, stressful, and triggered a massive anxiety response which is still dominating my memories of the event. I don't know how to start writing about the good stuff before I've processed the bad stuff, but I have too much vanilla work to do this week to take the time I need to process it, so the bad stuff is just going round and round in circles in my head.

Make sense? No, probably not.

Okay. Ever heard the phrase "biting off more than you can chew"? This could have been written to describe my attitude to making spanking porn.

Anyone who's ever heard me talk about this, any time in the last three years, will know what I mean. When it comes to making spanking porn, I am like a naive, over-enthusiastic puppy. I'm idealistic, ambitious and passionate, I'm willing to work hard - these are all good things. I have filled a database with upwards of 60 script ideas and I add more to it by the day. I have grand visions of making ethical, socially-conscious, politically-responsible porn - and blithely assume that if it's hot enough, I'll be able to sell it anyway. I write scripts that are incredibly fiddly and difficult to film and edit, even though I don't even know how to use my new camera equipment yet and am wholly reliant on the expertise of my technically-minded friends; even though the only video editing I've done in my life was with Michael Stamp sitting next to me and telling me what to do.

I know all this. I know that having highbrow ideas at this stage is silly. I know I should chill out, start small, not aim for too much too fast. But a combination of big ideas, optimism, confidence, hard work and good team-members has enabled me to work miracles in the past. I learn best by throwing myself in at the deep end. It's always a gamble, and more times than not it pays off. But things don't always go to plan.


Now, the way I'm working up to this, you'd think I'd have broken a camera over Zille's head or something. I can assure you that my models were only harmed in the ways one would expect on a spanking shoot ;) The problem is my head, and it's wholly internal. Before I explain what the whole mess in my head is about, let me just note down what actually happened on Monday:

- Tom, Zille deFeu, her partner Malc, the Mystery Minx and camera-wizard J all descended on Olivia Manners' beautiful wood-panelled flat for a day of debauchery.

- We made three films, all between 15-30 minutes in length, some more complicated than others.

- We also took lots of hot photos.

- It was really really hot. :)

- Then we all went out to dinner, where I proceeded to lose my grip on reality, fail to participate meaningfully in any of the fascinating conversations about politics and polyamory and academia and society going on around me, and very nearly fell asleep in my bowl of moules.

So what's the big deal? Well, see, I exclude any of my head-drama from the above precis because I know it's not a big deal, not really. Although my paranoid hindbrain is trying to convince me that everyone involved now loathes me for being an annoying unprofessional waste of space who should never be let in charge of a shoot again, I am choosing to proceed on the assumption that my paranoid hindbrain is incorrect.

I'm new at this. I have lots to learn. Here are some of the things I learned on Monday:

- If you're writing a script that involves multiple lighting setups, multiple rooms, shooting out of order, etc., the ONLY way to survive the experience without going insane is to create a storyboard. Attempting it without a storyboard will result in the loss of your morning / mind / all your friends.

- Also, it will probably take about twice as long as you think. Double your estimated time and add a bit extra to be safe.

- Do not assume that power points will be available wherever you need the lights to be. Bring spare extension cables.

- Do not assume that the lights/cameras/microphones will work properly first time. Schedule in testing and failure time at the start of the day to get everything working.

- Do mention to your camerapeople that you have spare memory cards, which they can record straight onto and give you back at the end of the day, thus removing the need for complex, time-consuming data transfers that may or may not work.

- Do not forget to get your models' ID shots at the start of the day, so that they have to politely remind you at 5pm.

- Before the shoot, do not get so involved in writing and re-writing elaborate scripts that you forget to do such basic things as, e.g. printing copies of the callsheet, release forms, etc.

- Even if you think your schedule is watertight, build flexibility into it officially. Don't write "we're going to do four clips" on the callsheet and mentally acknowledge that okay, if you need to drop it to three, you'll drop it to three (but you'd really rather not). Write on the callsheet: "we're going to attempt as many of these as we can, and it will take as long as it it takes. It doesn't matter if we finish two or three or four as long as we have fun". If possible, inscribe it directly onto your brain. Otherwise making the necessary, sensible, flexible, responsible decision to drop the last scene when you run over will feel, despite previous mental notes, like a failure.

- When you have only produced one video shoot for yourself before, and that a) only involved trusted friends, and b) happened nine months ago, do not massively over-reach yourself by trying to organise a big professional shoot with lots of people you don't know, before you're ready, just because you fancy Zille deFeu and can't wait until the next time she's in the UK to dive into all your complicated elaborately plotted scenes. If you are at the stage in your learning curve where what you can do well is straightforward roleplay scenes in front of a static cam, there is no shame in doing straightforward roleplay scenes in front of a static cam. Trying to do more and failing will not only make you feel like shit, it will annoy the professionals you've hired who have to work through the ensuing chaos, it certainly won't impress anyone, and people will probably conclude that you were trying to show off.


There's lots more I wanted to write about. I wanted to write about the scenes themselves, and how hot they were, and how they get hotter the more distance there is between now and my stress on the day. I wanted to write about Zille and Malc and how I am still glowing from the joy of meeting them, and how I want to spend another day (or week, or year) with them, when we're not working and I'm not a tired stressball of anxiety. I wanted to show you photos of my bruises, which have a similar quality to the ones I sported after my shoot with Pain4Fem, at least on my left cheek. I wanted to whinge about my physical fatigue, all the myriad aches and pains one collects during a 17 hour shooting day when you're already feeling run down. I wanted to write about the nature of responsibility as it relates to submission and modelling and acting and production. I wanted to write about money, and the emotional difference between being paid to be hurt on camera, and paying people to hurt you on camera. I want to squee about our outfits. I wanted to write about the last scene of the day, the hard caning that I didn't know I needed until I was crying very real and very unexpected tears after that agonising high stroke, and suddenly the tension inside me (that had been there since the first film took over four hours to finish rather than two) finally started to ease.

Right now, however, I am taking my tired, bruised self to bed, where I will hopefully fret less about everyone hating me for being a terrible producer than I have on all the previous nights this week. I did a long, tiring 1.5 days of invoicable work today, and my schedule tomorrow looks much the same. But I'll try and squeeze in another half an hour to write, if I can.

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Christmas spanking roundup

Posted at 20:42 on 23 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I wrote a long entry on Monday about meeting Zille and Malc, and my (lack of) social energy during the shoot, but I wrote it late at night and decided to sit on it a bit before posting. Now it's two days later and I don't want to publish two mopey posts about the shoot in a row, but I've had no time to write anything else. My internet at home only started working again last night, and between festive preparations, shopping trips that are always more time-consuming and physically exhausting than you allow for, and the hectic push to get work projects finished by new year ... I'm going to get it all done, just, but it's been pretty crazy.

Although outwardly the last week and a half have been pretty vanilla, spanking is never far from my mind. In fact, in some ways this week has been pretty kink-heavy. Let's see...

1. I haven't yet seen any of the images from the shoot with Zille, but I sneaked some photos of my bum in the work loos, as is my wont. I realise I haven't actually told you anything about the scenes we played yet, but here are my marks three days later:

I still intend to write about those scenes, btw. I just have to get the more recent stuff out of my head first...

2. On Monday, Zoe Montana and I had booked what would probably be our last two-to-one session together before she moves to Australia in early January. We were both looking forward to it, but at the last minute she had to cancel, having come down with the same fluey stomach bug that everyone's caught lately. She's feeling better now, and we've managed to reschedule our session to the 29th, which I honestly wasn't expecting at this late notice. I understand it will involve black hold ups, heels, and the cane. And possibly wine. As I write this I'm idly wondering whether cheekily wearing a Santa hat will earn me extra strokes.

3. We won't be able to play too hard, however, because the next morning Zoe and I are shooting for my new site. I wasn't expecting that, either, but all power to her for squeezing it in - we've got the day, booked the venue, and Michael Stamp is kindly stepping in to help with cameras and lighting. The star of the show, though, will be young Jimmy Holloway; this is will be his first video shoot. I couldn't think of a better top than Zoe to guide him through his first spanking on camera. I'll be getting punished alongside him, because I have an abiding fondness for scenes where boys and girls get spanked together, and they're all too rare in porn. Since our photoshoot in February he's done the odd M/m session as a spankee, which has given him valuable experience, but I suspect this is going to a be a different kind of thing.

This time I intend to have lots of fun, make sure everyone else is having fun, and not get too stressed. I'll let you know how that goes. ;)

4. Oh, and I've also been commissioned to do a couple of short film clips by a reader of this blog, so I've been working on that this week as well. Eventually, the intention is for these to be published on my new site as well. This is the first time I've done custom video - it's very different from producing my own material. It's a bit of a departure from the rest of the stuff I'm producing, but variety is the spice of life, and all that. Anyway, it's an interesting experiment. If the client is happy and everyone involved has fun, I'll consider doing it again.

5. Last Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting @rogerwilcox and his partner - albeit far too briefly, thanks to my crammed schedule. He gave me a handcrafted Christmas gift, which is just so generous - I am extremely appreciative :) I'm leaving it wrapped until the 25th, but can you guess what it is...?

6. On Sunday I finally - after many months of procrastination, DVDs getting lost in the post (and my flat), and life getting in the way - watched the edit of Acquiescence that Michael Stamp sent me some time ago. There's backstory here: after two days of hardcore editing, by the end of which we were both pretty pleased we'd got the structure we wanted for the story, he suffered a software failure. The file got corrupted, and our hard work was lost. Michael, bless him, spent ages recreating the edit from memory, and as I didn't have time to travel back down to go over it with him, popped it in the post to get my feedback. He really shouldn't have had to wait as long as he did (and I daresay I will come to regret it next time we meet up!) but re-watching it reminded me how invested I am in this film, and how much I want to get it right so I can show it to people.

(As it turns out, the only sensible thing for me to do is travel down again in January to help out with the final stage. Man, film-making around a fulltime job is a slow, slow hobby. I wish I could do it full time ... but I'm working on that. And then I daresay I'll miss doing everything else. I am not designed by nature to only do one thing at a time.)

7. The last sections of Strictly Come Spanking have been released! I'm saving them to watch after I finish work tonight, but voting on the finalists ends tonight, so if you haven't downloaded them yet, go and do that now. And then vote, because that will make the lovely people at Northern happy :)

8. Speaking of voting, some kind soul (I don't know who, as I can't find the comment) has nominated me for the Spanking Spot's Spanking Blog of the Year award. I don't realistically stand a chance against such internet superstars as Chross and Pixie, and I don't think I deserve to win after how erratic my posting has been lately. But you should vote - even if it's not for me. :)

9. It's been snowing in London, but I've learned my lesson and haven't attempted any more naked snowy photoshoots. In fact, come to think of it I haven't been spanked since the cold snap landed (although if Tom's and my thoughts were deeds, I'd have been over his lap a dozen times in the last few days. Instead we have been making kinky eyes at one another in company, and then crashing in a tired heap as soon as we're alone. Ah well).

Luckily, I can live vicariously through Emma Jane, who endures all sorts of things so I don't have to. Like a punishment spanking in the snow, in front of a crowd of friends, which started with HH rubbing snow into her bottom before smacking her. *shiver* I am extremely glad that wasn't me. But I don't mind sadistically enjoying the image from afar...

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Tags: al fresco spanking, awards, Control and Reform, DVD releases, Jimmy Holloway, learning curves, Michael Stamp, Northern Spanking, otk spanking, paddle, porn production, Zille Defeu, Zoe Montana


festive lights

Posted at 15:44 on 27 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

These photos are pretty old - they're from my third ever nude photoshoot, in Christmas 2005. But I don't think I've posted them before, and they perfectly express the cosy, glowing week I'm having.

Merry midwinter, all. Hope you're as surrounded by good food and booze and warmth and love as I am.

(photos © Duncan Grisby 2005)

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Tags: Photos


vote for spankee of the year 2009!

Posted at 22:17 on 29 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Voting has opened on the Spanking Spot for Spankee of the Year 2009. For a US site, there's a relatively good showing from the UK contingent - European nominees include the delectable Amelia Jane Rutherford (who I believe was last year's winner), Amy Hunter, Kami Robertson and me.

I've just voted for Amy, because she was such a star during our shoot with Pain 4 Fem in January, and because she completely stole the show on Strictly Come Spanking, and her performance has rocked my socks every time I've rewatched it.

Here are my nomination pictures, because I don't think I've posted them before, courtesy of Sound Punishment:

Oh, and while I'm here - voting is still open for the Spanking Blog of the Year award, as well.

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Tags: Amelia Jane Rutherford, Amy Hunter, Kami Robertson, making a scene, Performers and producers, Photos

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