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unbelievable answers

Posted at 21:40 on 7 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: D, Fantasies, funny, learning curves, making a scene, Real life punishment, Thomas Cameron

Thanks to everyone who posted answers to my The Unbelievable Truth game. The most popular answers were 1 (spanked in a church) and 3 (spanking games with my brother), followed by 2 (timed hairbrush spanking) and 5 (discipline during my degree). The only option which no-one picked was 4.

Well, it is with a certain amount of smug glee that I announce that the only truthful statement in that list was, in fact, number 4! I guess sometimes the truth really is unbelievable :)

No-one's going to believe me if I don't provide details, though, so here's the breakdown:

1. The most outrageous place I've ever been spanked was in a church as a teenager - I was dating a vicar's son at the time.

False. I've had sex in a church a couple of times, in various different circumstances, but I've never been spanked in one.

2. I was once given a timed, rapid punishment spanking consisting of one spank per second for two minutes with a wooden hairbrush.

False. This scenario has always been a fantasy of mine, but I've never quite dared to fulfil it. Tom has given me timed hairbrush spankings as real punishments in the past, but they were only timed in duration, not in pace. I suspect they averaged rather less than one spank per second.

3. My brother and I played spanking games a couple of times when we were little kids. I always wondered whether he felt the same way about it as I did.

False. The closest my brother and I got to this kind of thing were half-serious playfights or indoor wrestling bouts, which tended to escalate from tickling matches or minor bickering until I was about 12. It was fun to really physically let rip once in a while, and while we had no compunctions about hurting each other, it was in that safe sibling way where you trust them not to go too far. It always felt like a very healthy way of relieving tension, but there was nothing sexual about it.

4. The first time I met Tom was on my first ever nude shoot, when I was just turned 19, and the first part of me he saw was my bottom - before we were even introduced.


Okay, here's the full story:

I was nineteen, and it was the end of the summer after my first year at uni. Since leaving home I'd been trying to pretend I was vanilla (as I think a lot of us did at that age). I'd quit self-harming, a habit that had dogged my teens, and I was convinced that my kinky fantasies were part of the same urge. I was determined to resist them, and for my first year at uni I had a lovely, charming, totally vanilla boyfriend with whom I had frequent, vigorous sex - and tried to ignore the darker fantasies and desires that kept threatening to surface. I'd been a goth/geek/gamer all through my teens, and when I went to uni I was determined to start afresh, re-invent myself as "normal" and learn to fit in. I managed it pretty well, but I wasn't being true to myself, and I wasn't happy.

I spent the next summer living with my parents and working in a crappy temp job. I was depressed and had no remaining friends in my home town. My boyfriend lived at the other end of the country. I started seeking out interesting people online - goths, geeks, roleplayers, actors, artists, cross-dressers - and as I made new friends I began to feel more like myself. It inspired me to get back in touch with an old friend who had moved to London and got involved in the London goth scene.

"Come down for the weekend!" she said. "It'd be good to see you. Be warned, though, there'll be a couple of girls having a naked photoshoot on the Saturday. We can stay out of their way, I just didn't want you to be too freaked out."

A naked photoshoot! All the messy hedonism of my sixth form years rushed back to me. London seemed like another planet. I arranged to visit, feeling freer than I had in months.

The weekend was a whirl of parties and new experiences. My friend, C, lived in a huge goth houseshare where people were always coming and going. The girls doing the photoshoot were lovely, a gorgeous couple who wanted some nice pics of themselves and had invited a photographer friend to help them out. C and I ended up invited to join them. Giggling, we tried on different outfits, played with makeup, drank wine. I'd never posed for a camera before and I had an amazing time. C and I played with some kinky poses; me blindfolded, her hand wrapping around my throat. I was tipsy, giddy, exhilarated by the newness of it all.

As it started to get dark some of her housemates came up to the attic where we were shooting, checked out what was going on and got introduced to us. I was in the walk-in wardrobe with my back to the door when I heard a group of people come upstairs, voices as the others greeted them. I was struggling with a suspender belt - I'd managed to attach the front two clips, but the rear two were defeating me. I yelled to C in the next room - "Can someone come and help me with my suspenders, please?"

Moments later I felt hands taking the clips from me and guiding them into place. "There you go," said a male voice. I looked round, half-turning to see who had helped me. A dark-haired man with amazing blue eyes and a trim goatee beard was kneeling behind me, his face only inches from my scantily-clad bottom. "Hi," he said, "My name's Tom. I live here."

"Um - nice to meet you. And thanks!" I stammered, and introduced myself in return.

It was, as they say, the first day of the rest of my life. Of course it didn't go smoothly from there - I still had the vanilla boyfriend, I was nineteen and very confused about what I wanted - but hey, we seem to have worked it out okay in the end :)

5. During my degree D. and I had a deal which resulted in me getting spanked either way. If I did my work on time, I got to choose the implement and scene: if I didn't, he did.

False. Tom and D. both gave discipline spankings during my degree, and Tom and I had a deal for a while where I told him my weekly targets and he punished me if I failed to meet them, but we didn't keep it up long - real life got in the way. D. and I have made this sort of mutually-beneficial bargain in other circumstances, though!


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