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a couple of new blogs

Posted at 09:36 on 24 Feb 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: making a scene

I've added two new blogs to the link list lately, which I can very much recommend:

Caroline Grey - Getting It.
"I get it. Sometimes, I get it good." The first post of Caroline's I read was this light-hearted domestic spanking story, which I found so genuine, so cheerfully romantic, and so very very hot, that I immediately sent the link to Tom with the comment "this made me think of you". Caroline absolutely gets it, in every sense of the word, and although I haven't been reading her long I suspect our kinks have rather a lot in common. You should also read her recent post about girls adventure stories of long ago, especially if your kink first manifested through an over-active imagination and games of make-believe. Caroline is also a minor celebrity in the Irish fetish scene, and rumour has it she'll be making her debut as a spanking model in the not-too-distant future, so I'll be following her adventures with great interest.

Shakespearean Kink
Ophelia is one of the regular commenters on this blog, and she and I have been real life friends for years. We met through a shared interest in theatre, which tends to foster the intense intimacy that you find in scene friendships, especially among people who roleplay together. We have far too many things in common to easily list, but one of them is our shared perspective on polyamory. Ophelia also has two male partners, but unlike me, she's a true switch. She is married to her sub, Feste, and has more recently been learning about submission with her Dom, Puck. Her writing about her kink and her two relationships makes for fascinating reading. Puck has also contributed one entry so far, and I'm hoping to read more from him and Feste in future. Their blog is still fairly new and I don't think they know many people in the spanking blogosphere yet, so please wander over and help them feel welcome. :)


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