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hold on tight ...

Posted at 17:53 on 18 Feb 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: other pictures, those crazy kinksters, Vintage

It's not unusual for the spanking to be the least painful aspect of a CP shoot. I have back problems and inconveniently tight hamstrings; if my trapezius muscle isn't aching, then my legs are usually trembling from the effort of touching my toes. As such, I prefer positions that grant me some degree of stability. Being able to rest my weight on a trestle or desk is ideal. I prefer to lean on my forearms than my hands, as it makes my bottom stick out more attractively as well as taking some of the weight off my thighs.

I would find it very difficult indeed to lean on a a moving handhold. And yet that's exactly what the spankee in this picture seems to be doing:

What is she holding onto? Winches of some kind? Weights? Either way, they don't look very steady. They look, in fact, like they'd wobble crazily from side to side unless she kept her poise perfectly symmetrical.

Perhaps that's why the top is holding tight onto her shoulder, to keep her in place when the blows start to fall?


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