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hot male spankers: Mario

Posted at 11:53 on 11 Feb 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Male spanking models, Mario, meta-analysis, other pictures, otk spanking

I like men.

I mean, I like girls as well - I like girls a lot - but my two primary partners are both male. When I'm watching spanking porn, if I'm identifying with the victim rather than watching voyeuristically, usually I prefer M/f to F/f. Perhaps it's because I like watching a genuine erotic charge between spanker and spankee, and however often porn includes girls kissing for the cameras, real sexual chemistry is sadly less common in F/f than M/f.¹

Of course, I also like to see a non-consensual sexual charge, where the spanker's lechery is unreciprocated by a creeped-out and reluctant victim. (It's not easy to find decent porn with this dynamic where I can assure myself that the model wasn't creeped-out and reluctant, but that's why spankee-led sites which emphasise the models' desires and models' voices are so brilliant.) And a lot of the time, I have to tap into that non-consent kink even if I'm not sure the site's values are completely ethical, because if I'm not at all attracted to a male spanker, it's the only way I can connect to a sexual charge from them.

The problem is - and, well, there's no way of saying this that doesn't sound rude, but it's true - there are far fewer hot male spankers in the industry than there are hot female spankers. I would go as far as to say that all female spankers are hot;² far fewer of the men press my buttons. Part of this problem is the anonymity of male models: without a name, a face, a personality, a voice, it's hard to connect with a disembodied spanking arm. It's not all that bad - at their best, male spankers are authoritative, powerful, capable and convincing tops.³ Which is great, and if they're too old for me to fancy them then they're still perfect for those Headmaster fantasies. But I like my spankings sexy, and maybe it makes me shallow or picky, but I just can't get that sexual charge if the male spanker isn't cute.

In real life, I like my men to be energetic. I like lean, slinky men with cheekbones and hipbones as sharp as their wit. I like handsome, kind bears who can soothe me with their arms and with their voice, handle me as gently as if I were a little girl. Above all I like physically powerful, dynamic, expressive men. Older than me, but still youthful and vigorous. In real life, I'm not interested in the Dirty Old Man character that has been a staple of spanking porn since the Blushes era.⁴

I can discuss trends in spanking models till my cheeks are pink, but your patience is about to be rewarded. This is all by way of introduction to some kinky pictures that pressed my hot buttons.

This update is from Spanked Call Girls. Apparently the spanker is Rosario Stone's real-life husband, which is a quick way of upping the sexual chemistry in a scene. He's called Mario, and I have to admit it's nice to see a male spanker with an actual name. Mario Stone is good-looking, he's got a focus and intensity in his expressions which I love, and he's got the body language absolutely nailed. Something about the shoulders. That sense of determination and strength. Yum. :)

And there's a free gallery here. Don't say I'm not good to you.

In fact, a quick nose has revealed that this beautiful couple switches, and they've done at least one F/m scene for Clare Spanks Men. Wow! Now that's hot. :)

Of course Mario's not the only fit bloke in the spanking industry, but I've gone on long enough, so I'll save the rest for another day.

1. Audrey and Abigail's domestic discipline site Spank That Brat are an obvious exception to both generalisations, and I commend them for it.

2. All females in the industry are hot. Conforming to conventional beauty standards is a pre-requisite for this job, which is one of the reasons I am drawn to the work of fat models, models of colour, genderqueer models, models with stretchmarks and big noses. They're bucking the trend, and that takes courage. (Anyway, I belong to at least the last two camps.) Porn is great because so much of it is home-grown, and real bodies and real faces are in my opinion much hotter than the sanctioned, identical bodies and faces re-used over and over by Hollywood and big television.

3. At their worst, they're unpaid spankophile amateurs with no acting experience. Or the producer and his brother. Or Cameraman 2. I don't want to insult any of the male tops reading this, but I don't mean you - I'm sure you can all think of studios who prioritise convenience/cheapness over quality in their choice of male models.

4. I was about to say "and before", but now I come to think of it, all the vintage M/f spanking photos I can think of off-hand have vigorous, handsome male tops, however off-putting their mustaches and muttonchops seem to the modern eye. Did the "lecherous fuddy-duddy" trend in male tops start with the 70s, or is it older than that?


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