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Strict Prison 4 - preview

Posted at 21:12 on 27 Feb 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Amy Hunter, Pain4Fem, Photos

A couple of days ago, Pain4Fem sent me the finished trailer for Strict Prison 4. I ended up watching it while Tom was here. I was tired and moody, but I wanted to watch it to see if I'd be happy posting the link for you lot.

"Don't get too mrowly," I warned Tom. We weren't watching it for fun. After the difficulties I'd had with the dialogue, I wanted to cast a professional eye over it.

He was very good, though, and didn't make any comments about how sexy my bottom or the caning was. Just watched me watching it, and at the end, when I tentatively ventured, "Well, that was okay ... I guess?", he assured me it looked really good. Despite myself, I think he may actually be right.

Sadly, I'm under strict instructions from Pain4Fem to wait until the DVD is released on March 5th before I post the trailer. In the meantime, however, they've uploaded some official preview pics to their website:


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