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Posted at 18:42 on 6 Feb 2009 by Pandora / Blake

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Tuesday's post has got me in the mood for some genuine Victoriana. I've had a couple of comments and emails from those of you who like watching a girl hold open her own split bloomers in preparation for a punishment, and I couldn't agree more. But how about the bloomers being held apart by someone else?

How hot is that? The poor girl is helpless and outnumbered, held in place by one tormentor while the other one lays into her exposed bottom. I particularly like the way the spankee's head is hanging in embarrassment and shame. I tend to hide my own face when I'm being punished, and during a shoot photographers usually prefer you to keep your head up so they can get facial reaction shots. But whenever I do see an image with a girl in that pose - shoulders bunched, head tucked away - there seems something very natural and vulnerable about it.

I don't know what this girl's done to deserve her whipping, but the outfits and body language are so good I don't really care. But - what's she being whipped with? The photographer was so busy trying to fit three dynamic poses into their composition that they have cropped the implement out of the frame. It could be anything. A hazel switch? A riding crop? A wet haddock? Who can tell?


She's standing a bit too close to use anything but her open hand.

But could you be right? Is it really the dreaded wet haddock? I shudder at the thought.

So Monty Python's fish-slapping dance was an undercover spanko film after all...

I love the photo, and agree with you that there's something all the more vulnerable about her because her face is hidden.

Adele - mm, I see what you mean, and you're right that it's unlikely to be a birch or cane. But it could be a paddle, or brush, or maybe even a ruler?

By the same token I guess it would have to be a smallish fish. Not a tuna, for sure. But a haddock is certainly possible...

Al - I don't think Monty Python's status as spankos is really in doubt, is it? Now you mention it, I can't remember which bit of the body the fish slaps. It all happened rather fast, and I was laughing a lot.

O - I'm glad to see what I mean! I think that spanking photos need to include lots of facial reactions, but I like to see shots like this alongside them, where the sub is cowering or trying to hide her face. I hide behind my hair a LOT.


Not since the "A spanking! A spanking! There's going to be a spanking tonight!" line in Monty Python and the Holy Grail...

Sadly, as I recall it, all the body parts slapped by various fish during the dance were above the shoulder...

Excuse me, I've got some peril that needs facing...

That's such a lovely picture, because it brings to life the many images I have in my mind from reading about just such encounters. I've read about those bloomers, but never seen them before.


I totally agree with your comment that having the face hidden can really add some vulnerablilty to a picture. I prefer it especially with otk pics, also it leaves more to my imagination (I will imagine the spankee being a female friend of mine!). I don't really need to see the face in all the pics - a hidden bowed head seems more realistic. I first saw this pic in a fabulous book called 'Jeux Des Cruelles' (or something similar!) about 18 years ago. Its full of great pics vintage pics - most have appeared on the web now.

Thank you for a wonderful blog - interesting and eloquent, I'm normally just a picture fan. You're may favourite comtemporary model.

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