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the warning

Posted at 21:26 on 17 Feb 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Bars and Stripes, Fantasies, Kami Robertson, other pictures

I love this set with Kami Robertson at Bars and Stripes. She plays a reporter who has infiltrated the prison, and tries to tell the outside world of the atrocities going on within its walls. Of course she's caught. And of course she's punished. The best kind of punishment, in my opinion, where the valiant young woman is unjustly targeted for trying to do the right thing.

Kami looks beautiful as always, but it's the implicit violence in these images that makes my breath catch in my throat. The take-down is something you see more in bondage porn than spanking, but I love it. And Kami's slight figure enhances the impression of vulnerabilty. I couldn't do a series like this unless I found some massive tops to contrast with my height.

The last picture is my favourite. The sense of movement and tension in the body language is amazing. I don't need to see the actual spanking, really: it's is secondary to the act of being caught, outnumbered and immobilised, stripped of your dignity by unstoppable figures.

(Photos via The Spanking Spot)


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