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the whipping machine

Posted at 09:26 on 9 Feb 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Amy Hunter, other pictures, Pain4Fem, Photos, shoot writeups

The first few clips from the Spanking Server shoot are online! I haven't seen the movies yet - rather than giving us temporary memberships to the sites, they're sending us all the content on DVD once they've finished editing, so I'll watch them when that arrives. But the preview photos look pretty good...

This was the first clip we filmed, a bare-bottom whipping from the dreaded spanking machine. Neither of us knew what to expect, or how hard it would be. We knew the canings would be severe, but how bad would the clips be? We had a whole day of them to get through before making the longer film on the second day.

Unfortunately for us, the spanking machine clips are all about the suspense. I went first, and was positioned on an uncomfortable spanking bench the wrong height for my hips. I waited there while the machine was tested, making the most awful sounds. I flinched as it whipped the air for the test shots. Not having any way of knowing what to expect, the anticipation was definitely the worst part.

Amy had it even worse, watching me take my strokes as she waited her turn, and then having to endure the whole suspense ritual all over again. She looked really good, though. The machine uses rubber singletails, which sting like anything but leave beautiful clear marks.

My next taste of the whipping machine was a breast punishment. I love breast punishment. Love it rather too much to do it professionally, a lot of the time, unless I'm working with people who don't mind turning a blind eye while I squirm. I'm not sure the Spanking Server crew were wholly comfortable with how much I enjoyed this. It was humiliating, but also really hot.

Their photographer takes stills during the filming of the clips, with a clever gadget that stops the flash being intrusive. So all the grimaces of pain are genuine, real-time reactions.

We filmed this back whipping clip early next morning, before moving onto the longer film. I hadn't slept well, I was exhausted from the day before, and I felt extremely vulnerable as I was led up to the whipping post. That gritty, fragile confusion you get from nerves and not enough sleep.

I may have writhed my way gleefully through my breast whipping the day before, but back whipping is a colder, sharper pain, and there was nothing erotic about this. I pressed my face to the rough wood and flinched my way through the strokes. The first two made me shriek so loudly that they took the machine down to a lower setting. I am a wimp. But I was glad they'd taken pity on me, because all my attention was focussed on the judicial punishments scheduled for later that day, and I just wanted the clips to be over with as soon as possible. At least my reactions were realistic - prisoners aren't meant to enjoy their punishments, after all.

I hid in the back room and sipped diet coke while Amy took the stage. I was moody and nervous, I felt bad about not braving out the back whipping, and wasn't really in the mood to watch. Which is a shame, because her outfit was adorable. And she took her whipping much better than me.


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