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being a petgirl

Posted at 13:55 on 27 Mar 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: SM Circus, Videos

I'm about to catch a plane to Cologne in Germany, to be a petgirl for the weekend with SM Circus. Being a pet has always held a certain appeal to me - being a ponygirl all the more so - so it should be lots of fun.

I haven't needed to pack much - my thigh-high leather heels, a corset, and a winning smile. Of course this has left me with a niggling feeling that I've forgotten something, but I believe that petgirls are mostly naked, so it should be FINE.

Director Sands suggested I might want to volunteer to be a victim for Simon, the famous bullwhip artist. It's an implement that's intrigued me for years, but I have no experience of it whatsoever. So I said sure, why not?

I may come to regret this.

I'll also be finally meeting Ludwig, which I am particularly glad of since he's generously offering his services as a translator, and I have no German whatsoever. I wonder if they'll try to make me count in it? Perhaps I'll come home well-trained in more sense than one...

In true sadistic form, Ludwig has been tormenting me via email with talk of horrible unnamed devices they're preparing for me:

Director Sands tells me that, in addition to the bullwhip, they have a completely new toy to play with, too. Something a bit more indirect and psychological, but it sure sounds like an interesting concept. It's probably still a secret, though, so I'll leave you wondering for now... :)

As if the bullwhip wasn't enough to make me nervous.

Right. Time to haul me and my kinky boots to the airport. I'll let you know how it goes!


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