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new and interesting ways to end up black and blue

Posted at 22:35 on 30 Mar 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: making a scene, pet play, shoot writeups, SM Circus

Wow. That was quite a weekend.

It started in true comedic form, with me locking my keys into my flat moments after writing my previous entry. I'd packed, I was ready, I was early, and I stepped out with coat and scarf and rucksack and suitcase, and realised I'd left my keys on my desk. Which would have been fine except I needed them to get out of the main gate. D'OH. I ended up scaling the eight-foot wall, pushing the suitcase over ahead of me, and scraping my knees in the process. Classy. But I didn't miss my plane!

My knees were to suffer much, much more over the next two days. By the end of a day's shooting with SM Circus, they were so bruised and puffy I could barely put weight on them, and they were beginning to develop a glorious carpet rash. I've strained the tendons in my ankle from doing cruel and unusual exercise in 4" stiletto heels; I've taken the skin off one elbow while pouncing a computer mouse (the vicious things fight back, I tell you); and my leg muscles are shakier than ever after a rigorous half-hour workout, high-stepping over bars backwards and blindfold in high heels, without a break. (Don't feel too sorry for me, it was supposed to finish much sooner than that, but once I was in the zone it was hard to break out of it.)

I also came home with a stinking hangover and sore neck from thrashing around to Rammstein until 2am at the local student metal night, where they served free bier until midnight. So, yeah. If I ache all over today, I can't blame anyone but myself.

It was entirely worth it, though. In fact I had so much fun that I've agreed to accompany SM Circus to BoundCon in May to take part in their live stage show. I dread to think what state my knees will be in after two consecutive days of being a pet. I also can't wait :)

I should confess that a cute girl may have something to do with this somewhat reckless decision. This weekend I was working with Marlin, the girl in the bullwhip demo clip I posted last week, and we'll also be working together at BoundCon. She is SM Circus' well-trained, red-haired resident petgirl, and it was delightful to share a cage - and a weekend - with her. During the shoot we chatted incessantly, helped each other in and out of our harness, swapped boots, and threw cold rice pudding all over each other just so we could lick it off. One ill-advised evening of drunken headbanging and debauchery later, and we were fast friends. It'll be great to hang out with her again, and the prospect of her company is almost as much lure as the petplay. Mnich had better watch out. *grin*

So, I think I like petplay. The shoot was difficult and interesting and I'll do lots of navel-gazing on this blog once Herr Director has had the chance to send me some preview pics. In the meantime, here is a brief summary of the things I learned:

  • How to count to six in German;

  • I really, really REALLY like bullwhips;

  • I really, really REALLY don't like guns;

  • It's a cliché, but CP genuinely is the most effective rote-learning technique I've ever experienced;

  • Sheepdog commands are strangely comforting;

  • I have a proud, stubborn streak that gets its kicks through defiant obedience;

  • I have a weakness for red-haired sub girls with interesting scars. (On second thoughts, this is entirely old news.)

Last but not least, I finally got to meet Ludwig, who was my room-mate for the weekend, and I really enjoyed getting to know him a bit better. In person he is quiet, gentlemanly, thoughtful, sarcastic as hell, and really interesting company. He is another new friend I will be very glad to see again at BoundCon in six weeks.

Okay, that's enough whinging and gushing for tonight. More detailled analysis to follow. Right now, I'm dragging my sore knees and aching legs to bed.


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