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new layout at pandoras-bot.com

Posted at 15:47 on 24 Mar 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: admin, other pictures, Sites and studios

My website has been bugging me for some time. I don't think I've updated it since a couple of months after it first went online in July 2006.

In early 2007 I designed a new look for it, but gave up on it when I realised it wasn't very cross-browser compatible. In early 2008 I revisited the unused design and decided it wasn't so bad after all. I spent a bit of time developing it; wrote the XHTML and some new copy, and drew up ambitious plans for the site contents, including lots of free hosted galleries and spanking clips from films I've done. But I never had time to finish, and the site was left unchanged yet again.

I recently discovered that, thanks to this blog, I get rather more hits to my site than I'd thought. Since I'd largely abandoned the website, and focussed my attention exclusively on blog content, I'd sort of assumed that everyone else had forgotten about it as well. Not so. Pandoras-bot.com gets between 200-300 visits a day at the moment, despite making no effort to publicise the site whatsoever. (My blog gets 650 hits a day, which isn't bad in my book.) While this bodes well for being able to direct some traffic to my new movies site when it opens, it's a bit embarrassing to realise that so many people are looking at my ancient website which I haven't updated in over two and a half years.

I promised myself I would make updating my site a priority. I have lots of plans for it, and ideas for a completely new structure and design. It'd take me a few days to complete, but I thought if I pitched in I could possibly do it around my office hours. So, last night, I sat down to play with it.

I was playing with graphics for the homepage, and wondering whether it would be worth putting a holding page online to replace the out-of-date content. At one point I opened the unused design I'd made in 2007 to see what I could salvage from it. It was much closer to finished than I'd remembered. In fact, with a couple of tweaks, it would make a fairly substantial holding page...

I only had a couple of hours to play with this last night, so I'm afraid there's nothing fancy in the way of new content. I haven't even tried to add any galleries; you'll just have to browse this blog if you want to see pictures of me. There's lots more I want to do with the site, and hopefully I'll find time in the next few weeks to do the shiny new design I was intending to work on tonight. But this is definitely an improvement in the meantime.

Pandoras-Bot.com: "not perfect, but better than the 2006 version". Catchy tagline, eh?

I've checked it in IE, Safari and Firefox for screen resolutions of 1024x768 and higher. It's legible on my phone, but I haven't looked at it on my netbook yet. If you find any bugs or broken links, leave a comment and I'll sort them out.

New version with pictures hopefully coming soon, but no promises :)


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