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"Regarde, comme elle bouge son cul!"

Posted at 21:22 on 2 Mar 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: other pictures

Sometimes, an image just does it for me, plain and simple. I'm pretty sure that constant exposure to - and analysis of - spanking porn continues to inform and deepen my appreciation of it, but sometimes an image goes straight to my cunt without needing to engage my brain. I love it when that happens.

Perhaps the text being in French allows me to appreciate the full glory of the visuals without getting distracted by the corny lines? Although somehow, even clichéd spanking dialogue sounds classier in French.

Many thanks to Chross for this yummy comic-book whipping scene. If my response to it is anything to go by, je suis aussi une dégenerée. C'est la vie :)


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