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two brand new tops

Posted at 17:12 on 26 Mar 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: corrupting the innocent, funny

I just saw this unexpected line in the headers of my daily Freecycle digest:

OFFERED: 2 brand new tops...

Those would come in handy if I had to trade my two in for being too old and decrepit to keep up with me. If I were the bratty type. Which obviously I'm not. *ahem*

If I was, then you might end up seeing an advert like this in the next digest:

OFFERED: disobedient bottom, well used. Owned for a few years, but still in good working order. Needs some maintenance and regular upkeep, but should serve you well. Not too heavy, but slightly unruly so will probably need a vehicle to collect. Collar and cuffs included. To get rid of asap. Email if interested.


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