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"I give you water"

Posted at 19:32 on 6 Apr 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: dominance and submission, other pictures

I have had a delightful weekend. I spent large parts of it feeling very very subby, and I love Tom massive amounts, and, yeah. Happy. I'm waiting until my friend can send me the pics she took of our costumes before I write about the club, but in the meantime this seems as good a time as any to re-post this beautiful photo that Chross called to my attention last week:

I've seen a lot less good D/s photography than I have good spanking photography, but this diptych really nails it for me. During scenes, when I get thirsty, I ask permission for a drink - and if I am allowed one, Tom always holds the cup for me while I sip. There is something so tender, so vulnerable about it. I keep my hands clasped behind my back and we judge each other's tiny movements without speaking, careful not to spill a drop. When I'm blindfolded it's even more intimate. Tom's movements are courteous, ceremonial. If you've ever taken Catholic mass (and I have, years ago) it's hard not to be reminded of that.

Sharing drink has always been a powerful bonding experience for humans: from communal toasts; exchanging of sips between a bride a groom; strangers passing around bottles of water at a rave; to Robert Heinlein's ritual of giving water in Stranger in a Strange Land. It speaks to something deep within us, I think.


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