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Dormitory discipline

Posted at 20:17 on 8 May 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Niki Flynn, Northern Spanking, Photos

Two naughty girls in a dark, draughty dormitory.

We knew we'd messed up. We knew we weren't allowed to creep downstairs to the kitchens after midnight, giggling as we stole cake and biscuits from the pantry and tried to smuggle them back up to our room. We knew what the consequences were of getting caught.

The worst part was the waiting. First waiting for the Night Master to come upstairs, after we'd been sent back to bed by the angry porter, and told to sit up, shivering in our nighties, and wait.

Then, when he finally opened the door, waiting - and watching - as my friend was dealt with first.

I couldn't bear to watch, but I couldn't look away...

Niki hid her face in her hands as he peeled down her knickers. Part of me wanted to do the same, and spare her blushes - how awful it must be, not only being spanked on your bare bottom, but knowing your friend was watching everything.

But I couldn't help it. Even though every second made my heart pound louder in my throat. I couldn't tear my eyes away...

As she sobbed into the mattress, he turned around and fixed me with the most evil smile I have ever seen. My heart seemed to catch in my throat as he looked at me. I knew it was my turn next...

(Many thanks to Northern Spanking for the pictures, starring Niki Flynn and Michael Stamp.)


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