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half a spoon of sugar

Posted at 20:11 on 10 Jun 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Caroline Grey, Northern Spanking, other pictures, Stephen Lewis

You may wonder how Stephen Lewis manages to organise his crazy schedule, flying all over the world to interrupt hot lesbian action and spank the bottoms of deserving girls. Northern Spanking has just revealed his secret: Caroline Grey, the top PA who works around the clock taking his bookings, organising international conferences, and making his tea just the way he likes it.

Of course - it's always a woman doing all the real work behind the scenes. Sadly for poor Caroline, Mr Lewis is a bully anal-retentive meanyhead perfectionist with exacting standards. Despite her sterling work organising the Japanese conference to perfection, he takes her to task for the crime of putting half a spoon too much sugar in his tea.

I can sort of see Mr Lewis' point of view to some extent - tea is, after all, sacred. But I know if I was as awesome as Caroline and I'd worked that hard, I'd want to be cut some slack. Which is kind of why it's hot.

This is Caroline's first appearance on Northern, and having read her reactions to the shoot I'm desperate to see the rest of the material. I wonder if Lucy accepts bribes for accelerating the update schedule?

Luckily for me, the jetsetting Ms Grey is visiting London next week, and I get to meet her in person, along with her sister in pervery, Graham! Which is, I think, even better than getting to see the rest of her spanking films, although given I can keep the films and I don't think I'll be allowed to keep her, I'm glad I get to do both.


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