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the Vilena pose

Posted at 17:06 on 16 Jul 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: corrupting the innocent, funny, other pictures, Photos

Do any of you read Questionable Content? It's one of my favourite webcomics, and I've been following it for years. It's not normally renowned for its kinky potential, apart from some of the strips featuring queer librarian Tai (on whom I have a massive crush). Imagine my surprise when D. linked me to this drawing by QC artist Jeph Jacques:

Apparently, this was created in response to a Russian photo meme started by a girl called Vilena, who became popular overnight after posting a similar image on a social networking site. Some say the appeal is in the enormous size of her bottom compared to her face; others because of the look in her eyes. Or perhaps because it's a perfect position for a spanking?

Either way, hundreds of Russian women immediately started posting photos of themselves in the same position. I've not really seen it spread to the UK or America, though, apart from that single reference in J. Jacques' livejournal. I've certainly never seen anything referencing it in the spankosphere.

Time to remedy that, wouldn't you say?

It's actually surprisingly difficult. Does anyone else want to play? I bet you're all much more bendy than me.


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