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torn jeans

Posted at 15:34 on 22 Jul 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: D, dominance and submission, Fantasies, Photos

For the last couple of days I've been wearing a kneelength wrap-around skirt over my jeans, and not just because I like the iridescent blue colour. Its primary purpose is to hide the enormous hole in the seat of my jeans. I have sewn up this hole a couple of times, but either my stitching isn't good enough or the fabric is weak, because both times it ripped open again the first time I bent down. (Once was at work, squatting to get something out of the stationery cupboard: I had to tie my pashmina around my waist as a makeshift sarong, and very embarrassing it was too.)

If I was organised, I would get a patch and mend the jeans properly. In the meantime, they're okay for working from home, and skirts over trousers are still in style, right?

I can't remember what flippant comment I made yesterday that provoked D., but when he grabbed me by the arm and pulled my skirt up, he was presented with a glimpse of my knickers through the torn fabric of my jeans. Of course, he had to try... I have to admit that I didn't really feel the spank, but maybe he wasn't trying hard enough. Or perhaps I was just giggling too much.

Thinking about it, it would be quite hard to seriously spank someone with your hand, unless the hole was really big: it's the edges of the hand that cause the sting, and if those land on denim then the palm won't make much of a smack through the hole. But I can see it being quite easy to make someone seriously uncomfortable with a small round-headed hairbrush or bathbrush. Of course, you'd have to have holes on both sides, to keep things balanced...

I'm imagining a strict guardian, appalled at his ward's lack of propriety when he sees her wearing fashionably ripped jeans, flashing her underwear and a glimpse of naked bottom to all and sundry. If she was sufficiently insolent, he might lose his temper and tear her a matching hole on the other side so he could deal with her properly.

Or an erotic bedroom scene, maybe, with the girl tied down so she can barely wiggle as her partner slices through her skintight jeans with scissors? He would start lower down, on the backs of her calves or knees, pricking the fabric with the tips of the blades and sliding the cold metal against her flesh. Maybe he would work slowly up the back of her legs, snipping and snipping, thoroughly destroying the garment and leaving tantalising glimpses of bare flesh for him to kiss and lightly tease with the cold steel. By the time he reached her bottom she would be desperate for more. And after he'd cut away twin circles in the seat of her jeans and applied his belt to her exposed cheeks until the skin showing through the patches was hot and glowing, he could cut along the seam and expose her for a different sort of attention.

Mmmm. I'm seeing Tom this evening. I think I might I keep this outfit on, and see if it gives him any ideas...


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