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tweets of spanking

Posted at 12:32 on 15 Jul 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: admin, making a scene, Photos

I've just discovered TwitterFox, a FireFox addon that allows you to use twitter through multiple identities. The reason I haven't had a kinky twitter account until now is that I already run a public vanilla twitter, and I didn't want to be endlessly logging in and out. TwitterFox has solved that problem with its nifty drop-down menu to select between accounts, and very happy about it I am too. I've spent the morning naughtily designing a layout for my twitter page rather than doing the work I was meant to be doing. The work I'm meant to be doing at the moment is for a new business D and I are starting, so I'm shooting myself in the foot really. And quite possibly earning myself a spanking when I see him tonight. But look! Isn't it pretty?

While adding the twitter feed to my blog sidebar, I took the opportunity to spruce up the blog design a bit. This means that all my carefully-resized images will be totally swamped by my new wide post layout on all but the tiniest screen resolutions, but no matter. Here's a nice wide screenshot to celebrate having a bit more space.

The new blog title has been simmering for a while. I'm not going to change the url of my blog, but I was never happy with "Pandora's Blog" as a name, and I think the new one expresses the right balance between submission and feminism. This blog is about kink, sex, politics and the porn industry; and however spanked and sorry I may be, no-one will ever stop me thinking and talking and speaking out on issues I care about. Neither of my Doms would ever dream of wanting to, which is one of the reasons we chose each other.

So, come and find me on twitter! And now I really should get on with some work.


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