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I'm not here right now ...

Posted at 20:29 on 3 Sep 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: admin, Photos

... Please leave a message after the *beep*.

(photo by Crusier)

Sorry for the unexplained silence. I'm still alive, just trying not to wear myself into the ground doing too many things at once, for what might just be the first time in my life. I still haven't had that holiday, but between work and various vanilla commitments I'm doing more than enough at the moment for someone who's meant to be resting and recovering! Neither me nor the boys are feeling particularly kinky right now, and that's fine: everyone has fallow periods, and while Pandora is keeping uncharacteristically quiet, some of my other selves are getting some much-needed care and attention.

Feel free to leave a message, but please don't be offended or worried if I don't answer quickly. Caroline, Abel, Ludwig and Kaelah, Cameron: I have got your emails, but I'm afraid I just haven't had the time or headspace to sit down and answer any mail from this account. I'm really sorry if the delay is inconvenient, but hopefully you understand the need to sometimes take a step back for a while. If you can't wait, I will sometimes reply to Twitters, and my phone number is the same as ever.

I'll be back soon, hopefully refreshed and full of enthusiasm for all things spanking, ready to spend the autumn filming material for my embryonic pay-per-view site. Miss you all.



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