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spanking art and feedback loops

Posted at 16:21 on 22 Sep 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Body positivity, dominance and submission, otk spanking, Spanking art

Last week, Abby Williams used a delightful drawing to illustrate her Talk Like A Pirate Day-themed flash fiction.

My appreciation for spanking art is almost entirely inherited from Tom. He's one of those old-fashioned chaps who prefer drawings to photos when it comes to porn. Webcomics and graphic novels are even better (it was Tom who introduced me to Oglaf, which I spent half of Sunday reading from the beginning. No spanking, but a must for anyone who likes high fantasy, black humour, and cock). Now, I'm a 21st century girl when it comes to media, and I prefer my porn in the form of well-written literature, fanfiction, or glossy photos and videos. Artwork can be hot (I recently enjoyed this piece by Endart), but women's bodies are too often drawn idealised-skinny, which bugs me. And spanking art does tend to remind me that I never do any, and I should - and creative guilt can sour the kick of even the best erotica.

However, after knowing him for 6 years I have a reasonably good sense of Tom's taste, and when I see a spanking drawing which would press his buttons, it tends to press mine, too. You see, if he looks at it and is turned on, it's probably because he's thinking of me - and knowing he's thinking about doing wicked things to me is incredibly hot. So that generates a feedback loop: I see something I think he'll like; it reminds me of him; I imagine me and him in place of the couple in the drawing, and that turns me on, so I send it to him.

So I texted him the Pirate Bride image that Abby used, and started exploring the artist's website, Patty's Spanking Gallery. There are some lovely pieces here. Lots of romantic D/s, curvy women and gentle, firm, bearded men. Look:

Tom liked them, too. Now I just hope we'll get the chance to act on our mutual fantasy before too long :)


It was definitely D. who introduced us *both* to Oglaf. :)

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