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Posted at 22:01 on 7 Jan 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: F-M, Female gaze, Jimmy Holloway, Photos, porn production, shoot writeups, Zoe Montana

It's the Thursday morning of New Year's Eve. Tom's got a cold, and he went to bed early last night while Jimmy and I stayed up late, high from the shoot and giggling over rude webcomics. When I come downstairs the next morning Tom's bundled up on the sofa, drinking tea and feeling sorry for himself. I climb into his lap for a cuddle, then smilingly arrange myself over his knee with my elbows folded on the arm of the sofa, allowing him to inspect the damage from yesterday's shoot. He deals me a couple of slow, hard spanks over my knickers, one on each cheek. I ow and wiggle appreciatively.

Halfway through all this, Jimmy comes downstairs. "How are you doing?" Tom asks him, casually rubbing my bottom.

Jimmy looks thoughtful. "I'm fine - I was just waiting for my shocked reaction, you know? And then I realised ... there wasn't going to be one. After yesterday I feel incredibly normalised. It's lovely."

We grinned at him. In my opinion that's one of the best things about shooting; it's pretty cool he got to experience it that quickly.


My aims for this shoot were as follows:

  1. Introduce Jimmy to the experience of filming spanking porn in a safe environment. As well as getting his head around the practical and technical sides of the job, I wanted him to have fun and do some interesting scenes with believable characters without being pushed too hard, or having to do anything he wasn't into.

  2. Play some final, climactic scenes with Zoe before she flew back to Australia.

  3. Realise some of the hot X/mf fantasies I've had brewing for the past few years.

  4. Put my money where my mouth is, and make some socially-conscious, female-gaze, hot boysub porn which people will want to watch.

Personally, I reckon the shoot was a success on all counts. Jimmy certainly seemed to enjoy himself. And I can tell you now: this boy is a star.

The first scene we filmed was called "Taking the Blame", and stole a leaf out of Tom Sawyer's book. Jimmy and I played young friends who were always getting into mischief. They're at the age where although they each have a burgeoning crush on the other, neither dares act on it. When his aunt finds out about their latest scrape, Jimmy gallantly takes the blame - even though Pandora was the culprit on this occasion.

His aunt decides that the most effective way of driving her point home will be to pull down his jeans and boxers, and give him a sound spanking in front of his young friend. My character is embarassed and horrified - these certainly weren't the circumstances in which she'd dreamed about seeing her best friend's naked body! Although Jimmy is frantically signalling to her to keep her mouth shut so their ordeal will be over as soon as possible, she can't bear to watch him take the punishment she deserves. She confesses her guilt, and begs Zoe to punish her instead.

Of course, Zoe intends to do no such thing. One of them has clearly lied to her, and in her opinion they're both as bad as each other. An excruciating tawsing follows, during which both teenagers try to avoid each other's eyes. Afterwards his aunt gives Jimmy a piece of her mind, telling him he thinks he's such a knight in shining armour, trying to impress his little friend - but he ever tries to mess around with his partner-in-crime, Zoe will ensure the two of them never see each other again.

It was a fast-paced scene, and ended up shorter than we expected - a "short sharp shock" to borrow Northern Spanking's phrase. It whizzed by so successfully that we completely forgot to take any stills, so you'll have to wait until my site's online to watch it. Although I might try to post some screenshots after I've tackled the editing...

The second scene was a re-run of a clip I filmed with Zoe a couple of years ago, for a company which never went anywhere. I have to say, it was massively improved by the addition of a good-looking young man.

The Head Girl is shocked to discover that two of her prefects have been conducting a reign of terror under her nose for two whole terms. Prefects are allowed to dish out lines and detentions to younger pupils they catch flouting the school rules, but only the Head Girl and Boy, the teachers and the Headmaster are allowed to administer corporal punishment. Nonetheless, this terrible twosome have been doing exactly that. The Head Girl strips them of their prefect privileges, and decides that the only fair response is to give them a taste of their own medicine.

She punishes them with each of the implements which she has discovered they have used on younger pupils. With each implement, she drags the story out of them. Despite their protests and excuses, they have no choice but to bend over and endure what they have so irresponsibly handed out.

The third scene was an intense fantasy I wrote some time ago. Zoe and Jimmy were my ideal casting for the other two characters, but I wasn't wedded to the idea of doing it on this shoot. It was an edgy, difficult scene to tackle; it involved Jimmy and I switching with each other (which was an enormous challenge, as neither of us are particularly switchy); and I had quite clear ideas about what I wanted, which put a certain amount of pressure on the scene.

When it came to it, though, we were on a roll: we were running not only on time, but (unheard of!) ahead of schedule; the three of us had clicked as well as I'd hoped we would, and our improv was flowing effortlessly; Jimmy and I were both on a high from the previous two scenes, and keen to push the boat out a little.

I haven't looked at the footage yet, so I'll save my comments about how well it went until I've done the editing. But from an actor's, rather than a producer's, point of view, this film was amazing. It was so hot I was actually wet afterwards (slightly weird given Jimmy and I have more of a brother/sister dynamic than a serious flirtation). It was intense and edgy and brilliant. I am so, so glad we did it.

The scenario goes, roughly, like this: a young couple are in detention again for breaking the school's six inch rule. Their teacher has punished them for making out behind the bikesheds, in the broom cupboard and everywhere else countless times - she is sick of the sight of them. She has loads of marking to do, and she honestly doesn't believe that another spanking from her will teach either of them a lesson.

So she comes up with a new approach. Knowing how fond they are of each other, she instructs each of them to spank the other one in turn. If the spanking is insufficiently severe, she will take over and give the victim a sound, no-nonsense over-the-knee spanking that will leave them red and sore. The other will then have to follow suit, and make sure it's hard enough this time - or the whole process will start all over again.

I ended up going over Jimmy's knee twice and Zoe's once, for an excruciatingly fast and painful dose of the hairbrush. By the time it was my turn to spank Jimmy, I knew better than to try and be lenient. But every stroke I dealt him made me wince. I couldn't bear the knowledge I was hurting him. It was tense and squirmy and horrible, and both of us cried, and beneath the character I loved every second of it. I think Jimmy did too :)


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