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ask and ye shall receive

Posted at 20:47 on 19 Jan 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Adele Haze, Fantasies, kink, Photos

Right at the start of the new year, I came onto twitter one morning to discover a conversation that set my pulse racing. The topic was MF/f scenes. It was sparked off by Adele linking to this spanking gallery:

Somehow, this led to both Lucy McLean and Adele inviting Eliane over for a "mean double caning".

Well, when I came online, the discussion and ensuing public flirtation put all sorts of ideas into my head. I've been topped by a man and a woman at the same time before - on a Spanking Online shoot, with Tom and Miss Smith. It was delightful, but it hasn't really occurred to me to seek it out since. Before I knew it, messages had flown back and forth between me and Adele, and I found myself agreeing to visit her and Mr Haze for a mean double caning of my own.

Two tops. Two canes. Alternate strokes. One helpless girl. Suddenly the prospect seemed overwhelmingly exciting. Apparently I woke up in 2010 full of kinky energy, ready to jump on a train and play all the scenes I was too tired and low to seek out last year.

I headed up to visit the Hazes last night after work, and despite a day in the office and a long journey, after dinner I was ready for my thrashing.

We played a historical roleplay scene: a young governess ashamed of her secret wickedness; a generous Lord and Lady who, when they discover she has been lying to them, decide to deal with her privately and keep her on rather than sending her to the magistrate to be publically whipped. It was delicious, and after the scene came to a natural halt, we were all so keyed up that we kept going out of character, stripped off our too-hot (if not terribly authentic) costumes and lounging naked on the double bed. It was the first time Adele and I had properly played together in private, and it was thrilling and erotic and intense. In character, her and Mr Haze made a terrifying double-act; out of character, the connection between the three of us was affectionate and glowy and full of laughter. Mr Haze gently stroked my back while Adele attended to my bottom, and she gave me an extended cuddle when I got suddenly overwhelmed by sensation. Both of them looked after me, and afterwards I was given a glass of very nice single malt whiskey to help me recover. A long, hard double caning followed by lots of pampering: I can't think of a nicer way to spend the evening.

I'm going to write up the scene from my character's point of view later. There were some gorgeous psychological moments in it, but I'm sneaking this post in between doing my tax return, so I shall write it up in loving detail later. For now, have some photos, combined with the knowledge that I am doing my accounts while sitting on a very tender bottom.


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