Halloween Switchery

Posted at 17:46 on 31 Oct 2010 by Pandora / Blake

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I'd hoped to have more time to blog this week, but it's all go in my offline world. I've just met Catherine Thomas for the first time, which was a treat, and there's been lots of Halloween-related foolery. We donned witches' hats for a party last night (hardly counts as a proper costume - goth plus a pointy hat, basically) and there's another tonight, which I'm considering going to as Eve.

In the meantime, there's not been much time for kink, although you'd be surprised at how masochistic it is to spend three hours scooping the flesh out of pumpkins to carve - my poor bruised and blistered hand is only just recovering. Lucky I'm not a spanker, really.

So I'll leave you with another audio snippet which I recorded a couple of weeks ago, and have been saving up for the appropriate day. Like the last poem, this is by my correspondent Jim, and has me taking a rather toppier role...

Switchery (1:30)
(Click to play or download)

(Thanks to RohrstockPalast for the photo!)


That's adorable!

its so good hearing your voice it turns me on thank you or should that be spank you.love simon.

A belatedly happy Halloween. Hope your party was good fun.

I seem to remember seeing a picture of you dressed as a witch somewhere before. Very convincing it was too - much more than goth + hat. You make a splendid witch.

As for Eve - well, are we talking before or after the apple? It's been unseasonably warm...

I echo Adele's comment, but would like to add "lucky boy" as well. Looking forward to next time we get to here you read, lets hope it is more of F/m as well.

Adele - Not scary, then? I'm wounded! :P

Simon - Very glad to hear you enjoyed the piece. I had a lot of fun performing it :)

Heresiarch - Ah, but that was probably a Proper Ackting Role with me all done up as a crone with facepaint and whatnot. Saturday night I only had time for goth+hat.

In the end I did something else last night, but in general the pre-apple version of Eve is only appropriate for certain fetish clubs.

Charles - I enjoy doing F/m audio, it's much more comfortable for me than switching on camera for some reason. Let me know if there are any particular scenarios you'd like to hear!

Brilliant loved it.

I was just listening to an audio poem that Poppy StVincent did on Devlin O' Neill's blog. It is a pity that you two live so far apart as both of you together in an audio piece would probably be amazing.


yes i injoyed the piece very much and thinking about you getting wet performing it thank you.love simon.

Thank you, Pandora! You have such a lovely, sexy voice. It's just occurring to me that I've only heard you in the context of reacting to being punished. It's interesting, how different that can be from hearing one in a different context.

Keep up the great work!


That was TERRIFIC! Such a great delivery. I spent five years writing radio ads and WISH half the voice overs I worked with had a range like yours.

Hi Pandora

Like the pics of your bottom - looks really good, like a full shaped bottom and you look a good sub, but
you look like you have spirit.

You Look..Spanked, Not Silenced.

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