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Calligraphy, cross-dressing and correction

Posted at 22:07 on 1 Nov 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Fantasies, Short stories

Here's a treat to kick off November. This "fragment" by Casey Morgan, Georgie/George may be a tantalisingly short story, but it has everything. Country houses, public schoolboys, simmering bisexual tension, private tutors, unruly young aristocrats, calligraphy lessons, girls dressed as boys...

She cant write?

Not that one can decipher.

Delahays face assumed the expression of a professional who knew his work: In short, she is intelligent but undisciplined.


Delahays gaze drifted to the fire. It does sound a desperate case, he said. Unfortunately, I am a tutor of boys.

One thing I love about this story is that although it has all the tension of an unequal power dynamic, the relationship - and therefore the punishment - is made explicitly consensual. It's hard to get that right, particularly when the story isn't about an adult erotic relationship.

It's a spanking story, so of course it also contains some corporal punishment. But I loved the restraint with which it was described. The hottest images of all are evoked rather than shown in the ending, which arrives far too soon, but some of the turns of phrase along the way push my buttons as unerringly as if it had been written for me.



I said sorry! she bellowed, wriggling uselessly.

Perhaps Ill be able to hear you once you demonstrate proficiency with our first lesson, he said, concentrating now on the tops of her thighs. She struggledwith his arm and with her pride. It carried on painfully, until she lost to the former and defeated the latter.

Sorry, sir!

Click here to read the full story. And thankyou Casey for such a deliciously hot read!


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