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Little Crackers

Posted at 22:17 on 10 Dec 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Fantasies, M-M

While I'm on the topic of M/m canings, Eliane posted an extremely tasty clip on twitter today. This is from a film coming out this Christmas starring Stephen Fry, which appears to be autobiographical in theme.

1969 - Christmas Term and twelve year-old Stephen Fry isnt popular with his headmaster; his sweet tooth, extensive vocabulary and sharp wit regularly earn him six of the best. Unhappy with the pitiful offerings of the tuck shop, Fry Secundus, as hes known, often ventures out of bounds to the village sweet shop. But when one trip to the confectioners too many catches up with young Stephen, and the headmaster threatens to exclude him from the Christmas festivities, Frys only hope lies with Bunce, the frightened new boy hes taken under his wing.

If that wasn't enough of an appetising setup, add this into the mix: the headmaster in question is played by Mr Fry himself, and the film appears to show him giving a stiff three of the best to his 12 year old self. Don't believe me? Check out this tantalising clip (sorry - the video isn't available to embed, but your clicking finger will thank you for making the effort.)

"The last boy to whom I administered twelve strokes of the cane is buried under that apple tree. Be advised. Now, bend over."

I am pleasantly shuddering with anticipation.


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