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Zille caned in jodhpurs

Posted at 22:34 on 11 Dec 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Photos, porn production, Thomas Cameron, Zille Defeu

Another taster from my forthcoming site. Zille Defeu has been hard at work editing photos from the shoot I did with her a year ago (almost exactly, in fact), and she's just posted this image on her blog:

Thanks to her partner Malc for the amazing photo.

Zille is currently in the running for this year's New Spankee award at the Spanking Spot, although she's not a new spankee - she's been running BDSM and fetish porn sites for years as a producer and photographer, and is only new to the niche world of pure spanking sites. Speaking as a producer/director myself, I can tell you that she's an absolute star to work with - totally professional, very talented and a complete sweetheart. Please do vote for her - she's one of the pioneers of queer and female-gaze porn, a total hottie and a gorgeous person to boot, and it would be great to give her credit where it's due.


Hi Pandora, I enjoyed your comment on Poppy's blog today; my resulting search for other material on riding crops and jodhpurs happily led me here. I love your featured video, both the scenario itself and the wonderful music! The English riding habit is, indeed, a happy hunting ground for us spankos... :-)

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