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Posted at 19:26 on 17 Feb 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: learning curves, meta-analysis, porn production, requesting assistance

Perverts, in my observation, tend towards the geeky. People who like very specific things in a sexual context tend to think in precise ways. We know what we like, and we probably have a rich inner system for categorising the things we like and the things we don't like.

Given my intention to have a wide variety of content on my own site, I'm currently thinking about how to make it easy as possible for people to ignore the stuff they don't like and find the stuff they do. Adele has suggested a checkbox system for the gender of the participants - a form at the top of the page, or on an intro page, inviting people to tick the boxes they want to be able to see, from a choice of M/f, F/f, F/mf, F/m, and possibly M/m (although I'm still struggling to find male tops happy to work with other men). I really like this idea.

My other idea is to tag content in the way one tags blogposts. A movie or photoset would be tagged with a collection of keywords, from different categories - "school", "historical", "tawse", etc. Those keywords could then be typed into a search form. But I don't want keyword search to be the only way users can find content: I also want browsable categories.

Some are obvious: browsing by model and implement, for instance, is fairly standard. But the others are harder. Could I have a "genre" category? What would that include? Historical, school, domestic, judicial ... what would you consider to be the "standard" spanking genres? The problem I run into is that most of my ideas don't neatly fit one of these categories. I suppose a film that bridges two genres could be in both lists, but what about fantastical scenarios? Erotic D/s? Would it be appropriate for me to just invent categories which fit the films I'm making, or would that confuse people?

I can think of plenty of tags which wouldn't fit into a neat category like "genre". Edgy non-consent scenes, for instance. Scenes containing explicit sexual content. Silly or satirical scenes. Romantic stories. Deserved, fair punishments and undeserved, unfair ones. I want to have this sort of category on the site, but I'm not sure how to organise it.

Then there's the problem of scenes-within-a-scene; stories about a character indulging in a fantasy, or reading a story, remembering a past event or daydreaming. I really like this sort of embedded scenario because it allows me to have nasty, horrible things happen to my submissive models, but keep the focus on their desires, keep them humanised with wishes and personalities, rather than just objects to be mistreated. (Even if their wishes involve being objects to be mistreated!) This makes categorising even more complicated: which scene do I tag? The external/real-world scenario, or the inner scenario which everyone is here to see?

You've proved time and again that you are an intelligent, thoughtful bunch; I continue to be impressed with the knowledge and insight which you guys offer in the comments on this blog. So I'm wondering if you can help me with this one. If you were building a multi-genre spanking site, what categories would you use? When you visit a site, what categories do you find most helpful? Any advice or suggestions you have about the best way to approach this would be gratefully received!


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