Victorian spanking burlesque?

Posted at 23:11 on 15 Feb 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Fantasies, other pictures, Victoriana

I love these Victorian photos by digitalfailure on flickr (thanks to Chross for the link). They're the only two spanking images in a gallery full of stage and travel photography. Was this a Victorian spanking themed act in a burlesque show? If so, I wish I could have seen it!

I adore the face of the top in these. So strong, so full of character. When I imagine myself over the knee of a strict Victorian ma'am, she often looks something like this.


I really wish I could dress up in Steampunk attire and be like that Victorian ma'am :)

yes, I thought those pictures were very nice too.

Btw, you mis-spelled my name ;)


the imp - Mmm, steampunk lends a whole other edge to Victorian scenarios ... the costumes are amazing though :)

Chross - oops! Thanks for pointing it out :)

OT: Today's column by Victoria Feltz in the Daily Express is headlined "What woman would want to be submissive?" She's talking about that daft vicar, but I can't help thinking that with a bum like hers, Ms Feltz could take quite a spanking...

"I adore the face of the top in these. So strong, so full of character. "
I agree!! If a spanking site gets known for strict and nasty very mature female spankers, I would join and never leave. There are some sites that have some, and there I always come back when there is enough new material.
- Why doesnt someone call the dominatrix Mistress Beth, who lives just across the border into Scotland? You would love her.

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