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Male Submission Art

Posted at 23:57 on 23 Mar 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Body positivity, F-M, Fantasies, Female gaze, Gender politics, Jimmy Holloway, learning curves, meta-analysis, other pictures, Politics

I've recently discovered this wonderful blog via my friend Ophelia, whose inability to find sensitive, characterful malesub spanking porn two years ago jumpstarted my ambition to produce a more egalitarian take on the industry.

Male Submission Art offers tasteful images and intelligent commentary of erotic F/m kink. The owner also writes Maybe Maimed, a nuanced, thoughtful and intimate journal of his own submission, including some spot-on political writing on gender egalitarianism within kink. Check out this list of 8 things submissive men want from a dominant partner, a powerful rebuttal of the F/m stereotype of the authoritarian goddess abusing a faceless, snivelling worm.

It's been interesting watching my tastes react to different stimuli over the last few years. Of course my preferences aren't wholly trainable - I don't think I would ever be vanilla no matter how much I limited the media I was exposed to. But certain predilections have proved weak when tested. I used, for example, to "just happen to prefer" women whose bodies were at the skinnier end of the prescribed norm; a preference which persisted as I slowly went through the process of recovery from disordered eating. These days, after working through the inconsistencies in my own thinking; taking care to expose myself to erotic, aesthetically pleasing writing and imagery of fat women; making a point of noticing when the mainstream media exhibits its dysfunctional bias against healthy body shapes, I've finally got over my outdated hang-up about big female bodies. Whole new vistas of beautiful people have been opened up to me! All my current female lovers are bigger than I would, with my culturally narrowed vision, have personally considered sexy three years ago. Now, I look at their lovely curves and wonder how I was so blind as to have skipped over them before.

I'm discovering a similar process arising from my critique of the industry mistreatment of male submissives. I'm not really a switch, and am rarely sexually attracted to men - two male partners fulfil my heterosexual leanings well enough that I don't need to look elsewhere for cock. So I "just happened" to never seek out expressions of male submission, as I didn't consider it to be relevant to my sexuality. Since I realised that it was relevant, to my politics of equality if not to my desires, I've made a point of noticing positive, gender egalitarian representations of male submission.

And you know what? I like it.

When looking at male submission art, I experience a complex, unfamiliar combination of responses. As a submissive I empathise with the sub; I imagine being in his place, looking up at the gorgeous woman who has me in her control. (My recent relaxation in the area of subbing to women has definitely contributed to this.) As a bisexual woman, I enjoy the depiction of a beautiful male body - I imagine its textures, temperatures and scents, the subtle movement of muscles and shivering responsiveness of skin. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I imagine myself in the place of that woman in control. But I definitely find the submissive male beauty she's looking at desirable, and experience a frisson of temptation to play with him, make him react.

I don't think I'm about to turn switch - certainly not with either of my current men, and I don't have much space in my head for new heterosexual entanglements. But it's not impossible, as I grow into a belated, too-slowly-learned desire for vulnerably submissive men, I will discover that my desire for them extends into a new sexual category not covered by my existing relationships, and seek one out.

In the meantime I'll have to content myself with porn. After all, I intend to make some of it myself :)


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