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two feminist links

Posted at 17:39 on 26 Mar 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Gender politics, Sex worker rights

My response to Woman's Question Time last week has been quoted in Penny Red's latest article for The Samosoa, The sex work shibboleth:

Furious debate about sex work and pornography dominated the discussion at the recent Womens Question Time event in London, organised by the charity Eaves, where feminists were invited to put questions to prospective Women's ministers in the run-up to the General Election.

Pandora Blake, a feminist sex worker, attended the event. I hadn't realised quite how aggressively hostile most of my sisters are to my ideals, she said. Its worrying that so many of the best female politicians seem unable to see nuance when it comes to the sex industry".

At this event, like so many others, issues such as abortion rights and the pay gap were elbowed out in favour of monolithic tub-thumping about sex work that played out a worrying tendency on the part of contemporary feminists to moralise rather than strategise.

I think it's an excellent analysis, although I admit I'm stumped on how to open a dialogue with abolitionists that has a chance of resulting in reconciliation.

I also enjoyed this interview on The Sexist with Jaclyn Friedman on fucking while feminist:

I have been with some men who are surprised that I am, shall we say, less than vanilla in bed . . . A couple of guys were shocked that I like to play various games in bed, because Im a feminist. Thats always really interesting to me. Im always like, Are you kidding me? The feminists I know are the craziest women in bed you can find!" Those are the moments where I feel like a one-woman feminist PR machine. Im instructing the world one man at a time that feminists are really fun to sleep with.


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