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Posted at 17:31 on 26 Apr 2010 by Pandora / Blake


I've found a number of awesome new blogs lately. Well, not new, but new to me. They aren't all about spanking, but Bonnie already keeps a comprehensive list of new spanking blogs, so there's no point duplicating her excellent efforts! Still, I hope you find something here to enjoy.

Woolf and Wilde
Vintage photos of m/m or f/f couples, with accompanying creative text (often taken from a similar period of history). This doesn't update often, but is incredibly pleasing. There are only two lesbian entries so far, but I adore both of them.

Desiring / Submitting
Intelligent thought and theory on sexuality, kink, queerness and Islam.

Male Submission Art and Maybe Maimed
Beautiful pictures, intelligent commentary and powerful prose on malesub D/s.

The Training of Mark
The training diary of a submissive man, including hot scene descriptions and photos, and emotive glimpses into the depth of his D/s relationship.

Zoe Montana
Zoe rarely updates her blog, but those of you wondering how life in Australia is treating her will be interested in her most recent post.

Naked Men, Happy Women
A female gaze blog with beautiful nude photography.

Kinky Clover
Spanking and bondage model Clover Matthews' BDSM blog.

Quiet Riot Girl
Sex, kink, politics and feminism from another North London lady. We don't agree on everything, but her writing is pretty great.


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