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Tom's birthday caning

Posted at 21:30 on 7 Apr 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: dominance and submission, kink, Photos, Thomas Cameron

Tom gave me his birthday caning on Saturday night. 33 strokes. I was a complete wimp, I'm afraid, and yelled and cried my way through them as if they were the worst thing I'd ever felt, even though he'd gone out of his way to warm me up. I was tired, I'd just worked two twelve-hour days, it was late. But I really wanted to give him this; I'd been thinking of it all week, and I wasn't about to shy away now.

It was tough. Afterwards I felt like a complete baby. But he said he was proud of me. He said my reactions are even more enjoyable when I'm finding a scene difficult, but am struggling to be obedient anyway. So I guess that's okay, then.


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