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an announcement

Posted at 13:18 on 10 May 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: admin, dominance and submission

Everything is up in the air right now. The political uncertainty of the moment is shared with everyone in the UK - although I'm less impatient than some about the current negotiations. Consensus politics always takes time, and I definitely prefer discussion and compromise to the hasty actions of an over-powerful single-party government. I'm quietly hopeful about the prospect of electoral reform, and if we get there it'll be worth the wait.

So I'm less upset than some about the fact that we still don't have a government. My personal uncertainty is affecting me far more.

The uncertainty is this. Tom and I are about to move in together. He's starting a new business with a couple of friends, and I'm helping them out. We've been talking about it for over six months, looking at different options at different ends of the country. Finally we've settled on a place on the south coast. It's really exciting, in a whole heap of different ways - new business! New town! Living with one of my partners for the first time! But it's also kind of scary, because things have moved very fast in the last few weeks and if things had gone to plan we'd have left by now.

The original plan was to go away on a working holiday today, come back in a couple of weeks, and then immediately move into our new home. So we were aiming to get everything packed and ready to move before we left. Our plans have had to be rejiggled at the last minute, though, due to some bureaucratic issues at the other end. I'm hoping we'll still get our time away, but there's some tedious legal stuff to sort out first. I still don't know exactly when we're leaving yet - hopefully this week.

In the meantime, I have a few more days to pack, which is good as after the election period (I was closely involved with a couple of campaigns) I am bloody knackered.

I'm currently boxing and bagging two years' worth of stuff. The last two years have been incredibly valuable. When I moved into this flat in 2008 it was the first time I'd ever lived on my own - and if all goes well, I won't live alone again for the foreseeable future, which is a scary kind of prospect. It's been brilliant. I've cherished my independence, setting my own hours, keeping my own house. In a way, I'll miss it. But throughout this period of my life I've also yearned to share my space with the ones I love, and the time has definitely come to move forward to the next stage.

D and I, of course, are staying together - we've done the long-distance thing before. I love him very very much, I hope to be his sub for many years to come, and I intend to do everything I can to keep our relationship strong throughout this change. I'll be coming back to London lots anyway for work, and he and I will remain business partners. I'm actually looking forward to being able to visit him for long romantic weekends; lately our time together has consisted of one of us arriving at the other's place after 10pm, both of us exhausted. It'll be nice to be able to have proper, unhurried date time again, and I don't mind being half-and-half between two towns for a bit. In any case, I have no intention to end my dalliance with Penny. I imagine I'll be back in London regularly.

Once we've managed to escape I'll be offline for a couple of weeks - then things will be busy with the move. I'll try and check in when I can, but I probably won't be back to my normal routine until the start of June. If I'm not around much in the next few weeks, that's why.

So that's my news. It's not as definite as I'd hoped, given the complications this week. But I'm excited about all of it - the new house is going to be far more suitable for filming in than my current flat, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into work on my site this summer, once we've settled in.

I'm especially looking forward to moving in with Tom, and having the chance to create a shared home and explore our kink at a more leisurely, domestic pace. Our domestic discipline relationship has been more or less on hold the last few years, and I think we'd both like to pick that up again once we're living together. We're hoping that the change in circumstance will improve his health, which should feed back into our sex life. And it'll be so much easier to find time to play in our busy lives once we're sharing a house. I hear that some spankees who live with their partners get spanked every day. Every day! I suspect it might be exactly what my insomnia needs. I'm looking forward to finding out :)


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