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discovering DebPorn

Posted at 14:07 on 4 Jul 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Fantasies, meta-analysis

Natty introduced me to a new genre of spanking fiction recently: debporn, defined as "severe, family setting discipline and/or humiliation including very raw anal/crotch spankings. May or may not include sex. Very intense."

I strongly prefer my parent/child discipline fantasies to be non-sexual, and so I didn't expect to like what I read when I clicked the link to the writings of Debbie Ann, who lent her name to the genre. Most of the stories on the site are real-life scene reports; only one page matches the debporn description. But that page!

I usually start with her breasts, for her routine discipline. Hands on her head, legs spread is her position, and then I slap her breasts back and forth. Sometimes she has to put a rubber band on each one to make them stand out more. And sometimes she has to put a clothespin on each nipple.

I realize that most daughters get bare bottom spankings, and DebAnn gets plenty of those, but I've also found that she benefits greatly from some unusual forms of discipline. That is why I've developed discipline routines for her breasts, crotch, and anus. The breast slaps are part of her routine training, if she needs punishment I'll use the belt on her breasts. I make her lie down on her bed and hold up one breast at a time and then I smack each one with a belt. It looks a lot more severe than it actually is.

I'm not sure what it is that hooked me. The matter-of-fact delivery; the tiny, succinct vignettes; the extreme discomfort caused by reading sexualised, non-consensual parental punishment scenarios. I'm still pretty sure I don't like sex in my family discipline stories. And I don't like crotch spankings at all, so that element was rather offputting. But by the end of those three snippets, I was hopelessly aroused. Something about the placement of acts which I would normally categorise as erotic, consensual BDSM - breast punishment, display, onlookers invited to participate - in the taboo setting of family discipline somehow makes the fantasy sizzle. The actual acts are things that I find extremely erotic and sexual. In this context, they are so, so wrong. But also undeniably hot.

So it's not surprising that I liked Natty's newest story, Under-the-Bed Restraints.

Every night after I brush my teeth and wash my face, I lay down on my bed over a pile of fluffy pillows and Mother uses them, the Under-the-Bed Restraints, to tie me down. She pulls my nightgown up and my panties down so that Im ready for Father and my Purity Inspection. Hes been doing them every night since I started my period. He says this way hell know if Ive been thinking unclean thoughts or worse.

Most nights he inspects me by poking his gloved finger into my womanhood. Tracing his finger up to my rosebud. Back down to my womanhood. And my bottom hole.

If Im moist, I get the strop.

And Im always moist.

I read it on the train coming back from London yesterday, and by the time I'd finished I was uncomfortably turned on. I squirmed in my seat all the way home, until I could steal some private time and seek some relief.

As with Debbie's writing, there are plenty of individual elements in this story which are Not My Thing. Aside from the sexualised-parents angle, there's more crotch punishment (I tended to skip those sections - genital punishment is an out-and-out squick for me, not a love-hate thing or "so wrong it's right"), and I tend to be put off by CP stories with Christian religious contexts. Christianity is not something I'm minded to fetishise, and I'll usually avoid scenarios that use it to create an edge.

But in Natty's story, it worked for me simply because it made the scenario more believable. A parent touching their child in a sexual way is nasty, but combine it with the "for your own good" trope of CP porn and it becomes slightly more palatable. The sexual aspects simply become another punishment tool. As in the standard parent/child punishment scenario, the parent isn't overtly motivated by sexual desire (although in edgy scenes it's often implied that the parent is a creep or pervert taking things beyond reason); the surface narrative is one of puritanical discipline, not perverted lust. And there aren't many convincing surface narratives which excuse the sexual discipline of a child by their parent. A warped, puritanical fundamentalist Christianity just about stretches far enough; we can just about believe a fanatical parent would be able to delude themselves that they weren't doing anything wrong. And that creates just enough distance, just enough surface asexuality, for me to be able to accept the underlying creepiness, non-consent and nastiness of the scenario.

And the individual components of the fantasy - ritualistic, regularly scheduled punishment, unfair or unavoidable punishment, facedown restraint, anal display and inspections, anal whipping, severe strapping on the bare bottom - are absolutely to my taste. In fact, they've been on my mind rather a lot since reading this story. I want to ask Tom to help me enact my favourite bits of this scene (minus the parental/religious/crotch-punishment elements) but I don't know if I could take a strapping that hard without being immersed in an overlying narrative. And to be honest, I don't think either of us would feel comfortable roleplaying a scene like this in private.

It's a conundrum. Perhaps the answer is to shoot a disturbing, debporny scene for my new site sometime, using the shoot as an excuse that allows us to distance ourselves enough from the scenario that we could bring ourselves to act it out. In the meantime, I shall continue to enjoy the fantasy. Thankyou Natty - and Debbie Ann - for the hot, thought-provoking fantasies, and for showing me that I'm not the only one to find ideas this disturbing exciting as well.


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