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peeking through the bedroom door

Posted at 21:36 on 6 Jul 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Fantasies, making a scene, Olivia Manners, other pictures, otk spanking, Zille Defeu

I had good reason to be smug on Friday. A lunch date with my elusive, long-distance friends Zille de Feu and Malc turned into several hours of happy socialising, and watching an extremely hot shoot in which Zille was spanked by elegant disciplinarian Olivia Manners. "I was just meant to be having lunch with Zille," I told Adele on Twitter; "turns out dessert is free porn."

Tom and I had hoped to spend a few days with Zille and Malc on this trip, to make up for not having enough health or time to socialise properly with them on our first meeting last December. As ever, real life had its way: Tom couldn't get away from the management of his new business, Zille and Malc's schedule was crammed full of shoots and family commitments, and I had to content myself with a flying visit to their London flat on my way between two other social events.

Four short hours flew by: a delightful natter with Malc while Zille put on her facepaint, flirting with Zille and Olivia while Zille tried on a selection of retro outfits (I lent her a 50s dress that doesn't fit me any more, and whoa, she looks good in it; I also admired her in a number of ill-fitting-but-ridiculously-cute school dresses that made her look about 13, but was disappointed that I didn't get to see her in the vintage tartan playsuit). Then the shoot itself: giggling over scenes, Malc and I brainstorming plotlines (and being called perverts for our trouble!) and the delectable sight of Zille struggling and whimpering over Olivia's knee, as her blue gym knickers were pulled down and her shoes slipped one by one off her kicking, white-socked feet.

It's a hard life.

I felt extremely pleased with myself, if more than a little sleazy and voyeuristic - Malc, at least, was making himself useful manning the camera, while I was just curled in a comfy chair, swigging cider out of the bottle and appreciating the view. But what a view! Zille has the most delightful little hip-wriggle while she's over the knee - an arch of her back and lift of her slender hips which twists her wonderfully shapely bottom around in ways I could watch all day.

In the event, I had another appointment to dash off to (which turned out happily, so I have no complaints on that score) but before I left, I took advantage of my voyeuristic position to sneak a couple of photos on my cameraphone. Zille was in the bedroom, being spanked again for her misdeed earlier that day ("a spanking in the day means a spanking at night") and I was lurking outside the bedroom door, trying to stay out of shot but wanting to see the action, and feeling for all the world like a nosy sibling prying into her sister's punishment. Not wanting to be caught spying, but simultaneously horrified and fascinated by what she could glimpse:


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