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Posted at 18:48 on 14 Jul 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: dominance and submission, Fantasies, Michael Stamp, Northern Spanking

There's a new photoset going up at Northern Spanking at the moment which was taken on that rainy Blushes-style shoot I did with them the December before last. Now, too, I'm on the south coast buffeted by wind and rain, although these summer thunderstorms are rather more muggy and the landscape of my new town is a little less bleak.

The set is called "Repentance" and features one of my favourite scenarios - understated, formal, erotic and consensual D/s. I love the tension inherent in this kind of scene, the unspoken but nonetheless overt sexuality. Punishment isn't so much a part of my private play, but otherwise something about this scene feels very familiar. I enjoy light-hearted play as well, but this kind of solemn, ritualistic D/s is something I've always found intensely appealing. It's rare I get to enact it on a shoot, and I'm grateful to Northern for the opportunity.

Here's the first two paragraphs of the write-up from Northern's website (which I can't take credit for, although thankyou very much for the implied compliment to those who asked!):

She is awfully, terribly sorry and he knows it. He knows it when he finds her sitting nervously in the bedroom they do not share but in which she is punished. She is punished often but this time she has really let him down badly. This is why she has prepared herself so well, a pretty dress, silky panties that he will adore and the required stockings of course.

Also required is the cane. It sits beside her on the bed where she has placed it. Soon it will be thrashing her and she will deserve and relish the bite of every single stroke he gives her. She will probably beg for more through her anguished sobbing, she usually does.


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