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New latex

Posted at 12:22 on 17 Aug 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Body positivity, D, Fetish clubbing, Photos

I bought a new latex dress recently; the first new item in my fetish wardrobe for a while. I've gone up a dress size or two over the last couple of years, and all of a sudden I've reached the point where a lot of my uber-tight clubwear doesn't fit any more. Since I rather like my new improved curves, haven't gained the weight for any reason other than getting a bit older and my body naturally changing shape, and don't really fancy going on a permanent diet in a miserable attempt to try and thwart nature, I only have one remaining option: buy new fetish clothes. Oh noes! Can you feel my disappointment?

The downside, of course, is that fetishwear is notoriously expensive, so I suspect my new wardrobe is going to be accumulated slowly. So I jumped when I saw this beautiful, size 12 Inner Sanctum dress being ebayed by a friend of mine:

She let me try it on before I bought it, and given how much taller and smaller-breasted than her I am, I was amazed to discover how well it fit. She's only worn it once. I bought it on the spot.

It takes about 45 minutes to get into, and requires an awful lot of wriggling and tweaking and buffing and polishing. I modelled it for D last Saturday and the effect on him was ... remarkable (but that's a story for another post). I can tell you that it was definitely worth the effort ...

Now I just need some fetish events to wear it to (October Subversion, anyone?) and some decent pics by a proper photographer. D did the best he could with a digicam and low lighting last weekend, but I certainly wouldn't say no to the chance to wear it again. :)


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