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The cell phone

Posted at 14:45 on 10 Sep 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Photos, shoot writeups, Spanked in Uniform

I had such a good time shooting for Spanked in Uniform that I wanted to tell you about each of the films individually. Three of them in particular had stories and psychological elements which I found quite interesting, and you will hear all about those in due course. Today, though, I don't have time to write a long involved post (I know, I hear your sighs of disappointment) - but I do have time to post some promo pictures.

They're even topical! Sort of! In the sense that I've been sick lately, and in this scene I'm wearing a nurse's uniform ... Sadly I didn't have any sexy nurses waiting on me while I was feeling rotten last week, although my friends were wonderful and brought me lemsip and soup.

We filmed my take on St Elizabeth's private hospital on the first day of my shoot. We started with all the most straightforward scenarios while Mike and I warmed up and got to know each other. One downside of this is that the big bruise I collected (I can't remember exactly what from - a strap? A paddle? His heavy hand?) only shows up in the three scenes we filmed the second day - which were all a little more involved. You can see it starting to come out in the scenes filmed on the first day, but it's nowhere near as obvious.

As a result, speaking purely visually, the simpler scenes turned out looking better (at least in the screencaps) than the more interesting scenes with more developed storylines, in which my bottom sports a large distracting bruise in all the stills. Always disappointing when something arbitrary like that detracts from a more ambitious project. It's one of the perils of a two-day shoot - and the reason that Girls Boarding School sometimes put their models up for a week, and film a few days apart to give any unexpected marking a chance to heal.

Anyway, the storyline for "the cell phone" is fairly predictable - albeit chosen for its plausibility. I am a child of the modern age and am rarely far from my phone. I try not to do the rude thing of answering texts while chatting to someone else in person, but I have worked as an administrator in hospitals, where you are indeed not supposed to use mobile phones which might interfere with the equipment. I confess that while temping in my youth, although I always put my phone on silent (and wasn't quite so blatant as to walk around chatting in the corridors!) I did succumb to temptation and send a few discreet texts under my desk, on more than one occasion! (Although I wasn't wearing quite so sexy a nurse's uniform, being a secretary and not an actual nurse.) So you could argue that this spanking was pretty well deserved, if you were that way inclined...

Of course, a spanking and cornertime wasn't enough to break such ingrained bad habits. After her punishment my character was careful not to make loud phonecalls in the corridor any more. But she thought she could get away with a sneaky text message or two. Sadly, she wasn't nearly careful enough...

I love how these images turned out - I had real difficulty choosing which pics to post, so you get lots. Head over to Spanked in Uniform to watch the full video - and let me know what you think :)


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