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The new teacher

Posted at 18:27 on 24 Sep 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: audio stories, Fantasies, other pictures

I've talked a bit about recording spanking audio on this blog, but since all my work in that genre so far has been for private commissions, I haven't had any to show you. I'm very grateful to my most recent client, therefore, for granting me permission to share a snippet from the story I recorded for him earlier this summer.

He came up with a fantastically creative concept: I was to play the role of his girlfriend, a couple of years older than him, who had just got a job at his school while he himself was still in the sixth form. Of course, corporal punishment was still permitted, so his girlfriend took great delight in teasing him with threats and promises about all the ways she could use - and abuse - her new position of authority over him. To give the whole thing a bit of an unexpected twist, I decided to structure it in the form of a series of voicemails, addressed to the listener as if you were listening to your answerphone messages.

I had great fun writing it, and one scene in particular stayed with me. I'm afraid I can't share as much of it with you as I'd like, due to needing to protect the identity of my lovely client (quite a lot of the story was personalised). So this is just a tiny teaser. I admit I got rather turned on while writing this scene and recording it, so I hope you'll enjoy it too:

The New Teacher - sample (1:51)
(Click to play or download)


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