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Stripes with the riding crop

Posted at 21:07 on 25 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: D, Jacq, kink, other pictures, riding crop, switching

I was very pleased that Jacq came to the party on Saturday night. For a start, she's an excellent drinking companion, and has proved before her ability to drink me under the table without ever seeming to lose control (she doesn't even get hangovers - most unfair!). Mostly, it had been a few weeks since I last got my hands on her, and I hoped to make the most of the opportunity.

Still, when there's all the diversions of a drinking party around you, it can be hard to find the right moment to slip away. There was some flirting, initially. Toppy flirting can be a bit tricky to get the hang of when you're used to playing the other role, but I'm gradually picking it up. When I made some threat or other - with a grin - and Jacq responded by wordlessly handing me my pint, it was clear that she was encouraging me to overcome my inhibitions and take the initiative.

In the end, things were set in motion by some social anxiety of Jacq's. She was unable to put a particular worry down, and I playfully suggested that perhaps she just needed distracting. "Yeah, that'd work," she said, and suddenly I had no choice but to swallow my hesitation and invite her upstairs.

I wanted to introduce her to my two new riding crops, bought for my recent M/M shoot and each fiendish but interestingly different. I'd sampled both of them already, which gave me the confidence to try them on her. The plaited leather one is longer, thicker and heavier; the other is a normal whippy riding crop, slender with a fair amount of spring.

Because I'm mean, I chose that one first, although I knew that like me, she prefers thud to sting. Because I'm nice, I decided that I was only going to give her six, and I was going to let her keep her jeans on.

Because I'm mean, I made them decently hard.

She took them very well, kneeling with bottom nicely presented while she gripped the headboard of my bed. I enjoy her reactions - not a lot of noise and fuss, but some lovely wriggling and grimacing as she processes the pain. As we were on about number four, D knocked on the bedroom door and ended up watching me give the final two.

Afterwards I had the pleasure of seeing her take her jeans down and reveal the results of my labours. The stripes were lovely - as was the confidence boost of knowing I'd judged the strength about right even through her jeans.

I invited D to take over, but he had other ideas... which kept Jacq's mouth full and left her bottom available to me. I wasn't complaining. I took the opportunity to distract her in several ways, one of which involved swapping to the heavier crop.

Her bottom was completely bare now, so I was able to admire the stripes arising as I played. I had a lot of fun mixing up lighter and harder strokes to keep her guessing. And sharing smiles with D as we co-ordinated what we were doing to her - adding our own contribution to her reactions the other was eliciting - that was a big rush, too.


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Glad I could help! ;)


I was reading your past post about Jacq, and this one too, you both make a great pair in your playing...I hope it takes a lot of stress off you and puts a smile on your face...Thanks and have fun Lady.......


Thanks Bryan. Smile and stress relief it did indeed achieve - and boy did it I need it last weekend!

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