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Posted at 00:42 on 6 Jan 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: kink, Photos, porn production, shoot writeups, Thomas Cameron

Two days after telling you all that spanking hadn't been on the horizon much for Tom and I, the new year has already proved me wrong - and I couldn't be more delighted.

The midwinter break has done us both a bit of good. Yesterday I'd finally got round to booking some time (and a venue) to film a couple of custom clips for a client, based around stress exercises and enduring punishment positions. I was a bit nervous about the exercises, so I decided to boost my energy levels and pain threshold by doing a clip with Tom first for my own site.

I'd originally thought of doing a bog-standard schoolgirl scene, so as to minimise the amount of effort and emotional energy it would take, and not detract from the exercise clips. Once Tom and I got to brainstorming ideas, though, we decided we'd have far more fun with a mystical/sci-fi/office crossover. Yes, it was as random as it sounds. But we had a hell of a lot of fun with it - and it served its purpose, in giving me a good buzz with which to approach the custom pieces for my client.

To my relief, I was able to endure the stress positions for the full 15 minutes each, despite a lot of anxiety beforehand about whether it was a good idea given my back problems (and one or two stern looks from my physio). I like to think that the endorphines from my spanking immediately beforehand played their part. After all, kneeling on a wooden stool in extended cornertime is far more interesting if you've actually just been punished.

It was even more of a relief to complete the assignment given that the shoot had originally been scheduled for Tuesday, but had to be delayed by a day for reasons beyond my control. After spending the morning getting everything ready and then having to call it off before I got to shoot anything, I felt thwarted and frustrated by the delay, and began to feel that I'd never manage to shoot these damn clips. It was a real sense of achievement when I managed to survive both of them today without any further hitches.

But perhaps not being able to shoot on Tuesday was the best thing of all. Despite not being in a very kinky headspace lately, Tom had taken the time to gear himself up and get himself into the right mood to shoot a hot scene with me. When it was put on hold, I was mostly feeling down about it, but Tom's dominant (if tired!) energy was there to buoy me up again.

He made the offer that we could play anyway while we were preparing lunch. Originally, I felt so irritated about the shoot not going ahead that I turned him down - although I couldn't believe what I was saying, given how much I've missed playing with him lately. But we had lunch together, and once I felt a bit more relaxed I decided that although I needed to do a bit of work before my guest arrived in the evening to compensate for the wasted day, I would very much like a spanking if there was time.

There was time. And oh, I'm glad - it was quiet and loving and, well, not gentle exactly, Tom has a great oar of a hand, but very safe. I whimpered and tried not to squirm too much over his knee, and then I knelt up to arrange bolsters on the bed at his instruction, and melted a little bit when he started pulling his belt out through the loops of his jeans. (He teased me about that after the whipping, and I laughed. "Yeah, you don't even need to whip me, in fact. Just slide your belt out ... and slide it back in again ... and slide it out again...")

The belt was hard, but I knew it wasn't as hard as it could have been and I was grateful for that. By the end I was swallowing my cries as each stroke fell, absorbing them quietly, responding with murmurs and tiny bucks of my hips.

I wish we'd had time for more - but I went back to work with a smile on my face, contented and mellow. And I got everything I needed to done before I had to stop for the evening.

Two scenes in as many days; domestic spankings, a successful shoot and content for my site. Here's hoping this unexpectedly positive note sets the tone for 2011!


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