The disciplined dancer

Posted at 20:47 on 26 Jan 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Angelica, other pictures, Punished Brats, Veronica Bound

I love this promo gallery shared on Spankolife by David Pierson. Starring dancer Angelica and top Veronica Bound, it features beautiful use of natural light and some simple, striking compositions.

I love the use of the high-legged chair to adjust for tall spankee and average-height spanker.

Beautiful kneeling bench, too - although having experienced a similar kneeling punishment recently, I know how hard that position is.

You can view the full photoset and video on Punished Brats.


Very beautiful and elegant pictures indeed! I'm usually not so much interested in female tops, but Veronica Bound is definitely one of my favourite tops in spanking films. I very much enjoy the chemistry in her clips and despite of not knowing her personally I've got a strong gut feeling telling me that she must be a very nice and interesting person “in real life” as well.

Mm, yes, a delicious sequence indeed. Now if only Ms Portman was subjected to a spanking scene in Black Swan...

Your kneeling "bench" pose was worse, she can support her hands, and I dont think it took 10 minutes to shoot that photo!
- But where is Veronica Bound normally featured?

Veronica appears regularly on punished brats a treat spanking site with lovely young girls spanked ,best from tim x great site

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